Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today was my Birthday and I have to say it was one of the happiest birthdays I can ever remember! Filled with so much love from so many different people! I was suprised with a fantastic suprise birthday party when I went down to the crop in Metairie. I had absolutely no idea and now I understand why Felix laughed at me when I packed my Cup O Ramen to bring down for dinner. We had CAKE, chicken nuggets, mushroom jack fajitas, chips and salsa, cheese dip, sandwiches, chicken enchilada casserole, 8 layer dip, crackers and pepper jelly with cream cheese, homemade cookies, and RIBS! And I hid the pralines that my sister sneaked in. shhh!

Friends from all over the country called, even people I have not heard from in years! I cannot express just how much I am touched and how blessed I feel today. It was the perfect follow-up to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra that Felix took me to last night.

I received some very touching, as well as hilarious birthday cards that I will display in Mandeville.

In all, it was a fantastic day.

Many thanks to all who made it possible and shared it with me.
I love you all!

Until next time,
Happy Scrapping and Stamping!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Snowing at Scrappersaurus!!!

Brrrr!!!! Yes, it's really SNOWING down here in Louisiana! I've got some awesome pics of my house, my dogs, the neighborhood, neighbors, and even Felix out in the snow! I can't wait to scrap these! Finally I get to use the scrapbook paper with snowflakes on them! LOL!

Some sad news, too. Scrappersaurus Metairie will be closing it's doors on December 27, 2008 at 6:00 PM. Unfortunately, due to this crazy economy, having two stores is just not a viable option for us right now. We are hoping that things change soon and that we will be able to reopen on the Southshore once again, but there's no way to tell the future, and especially not down here in Southern Louisiana post-Katrina. We want to thank each and every one of you who have shopped and visited with us since we first opened on the Southshore in 2004, pre-Katrina. We have enjoyed your company and have had wonderful times with you all. We are hoping you will still come up and visit us in the Northshore store in Mandeville, and continue to shop with us online. Felix is working feverishly to put more and more on the webstore, and we're aiming to have pretty much everything that is available in the store on the website. Remember you can always call or e-mail us with ANY request for ANY crafting item. It doesn't have to be on the webstore. If we don't have it in stock currently, we will do everything possible to get it in for you, at the best price available. We order every week or every other week from two different distributors who have literally thousands of manufacturers' products available, and they are both very quick to ship so we would have your order in, in 3-5 business days (providing it is in stock with them). We do our absolute best to meet or beat any advertised price, however, we ask you to please understand that there are some places out there that purchase in such a large volume that they can actually sell some items for less than what we can buy it wholesale. This is unfortunate for ALL independent retailers that the larger companies do this. It makes us a dying breed, and we all work very, very hard to bring you all the best products available and educate you in their proper usage. We also support our products we sell 100% for the entire time you have it. We are papercrafters ourselves, and if we come across a product we feel is not up to our standards, we do not offer it for sale. The things we sell, we actually use ourselves, and because of this, we can teach you many different uses for that product, sometimes different from what the original manufacturer may have intended it for. Please continue to give us your feedback, and if there is anything that you wish to see in our store, send us an e-mail, give us a call, or send us a link if it's something online, and we'll do what we can to offer it to everyone. We've had a number of customers do this, and because of this we've gotten in some pretty fantastic products. That's what I call communication (and a true Scrappersaurus fan!).

Stay warm, and stay tuned. We're working hard to make Scrappersaurus your best and first choice for crafting products.

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Mandeville Store Closed Tuesday & Possibly Wednesday

I think I was a little quick on the draw to return to work. I feel more sick this evening than I did last week. Felix and I will be returning to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully figure out what we can do to get better. We ended up having to cancel this evening's stamping class because the stamping teacher got sick also, this afternoon and couldn't come back. She did manage to teach the class this morning, but I think it got the best of her. And my friend who was supposed to come help me put out the new products called and told me she was very sick, also. Actually, if I didn't have Caller ID on the phone, I wouldn't have been able to tell who it was.

Please take care of yourselves in this horrible flu and cold season. Get your shots. Take your vitamins. Drink your juice. Whatever it takes to keep you healthy. And always remember, there's no such thing as washing your hands too frequently, especially if you are in contact with the public!

I'll post again when I am able, and when the Mandeville store will reopen. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you need anything in the meanwhile, please contact Emery at the Metairie store, at 504-301-1081.

We really appreciate your understanding that this is totally out of our control at this point.


New Louisiana-Themed Rubber Stamps on the Way!!!

Greetings, Y'all!

I have some very exciting news for you: We will soon be getting in MORE Louisiana-themed Christmas stamps, that I'm sure I won't have ordered enough of, regardless of how many I actually ordered! Once Felix puts these up on the website, people are going to swarm! And, I'm going to have him put up samples made using the stamps, so I know once people see some of the things they can do with them, they will just HAVE to have them, now, won't they?! Hopefully, they'll be here by the end of this week. I'll keep you posted on their arrival. In the meanwhile, remember that I am doing the same Louisiana-themed Christmas card class this Thursday that I originally did last week. We had a lot of requests to do it again, by people who missed the first one. Please call to sign up as soon as possible so I can make sure I have enough materials on hand for you.

Felix is still feeling under the weather, but I feel great, and am ready for another busy week. I'm still in the process of putting out all the new Creative Imaginations and Karen Foster Design papers here in the Mandeville store. I already put out the new Stamping Station items. Emery has everything new down in the Metairie store, but I don't think everything is on the shelves yet. I'm sure if you stop by and see him, he'll let you help him empty the boxes of goodies on the table waiting to be put out!

Our crops have really been full on the weekends, and we have such wonderful people coming to us to enjoy and share their crafting, and fun times. Please call in advance if you wish to join us at a Metairie Friday night crop or Mandeville Saturday night crop, both until Midnight or whenever! Also, please remember that you are all welcome to come and crop at either store, any time the store is open, Monday through Saturday, 10 AM until 6 PM. Just please check the calendar to make sure there's no event scheduled at the same time you wish to come that might mean you'll have to share your space!

We should have the new Crop Celebration flyers out this week in both stores, which will be the last weekend of next February, 2009. Their website is not yet updated with the new info, but they are working on it. Stay tuned for more info on this fun, new, cropping event in Hammond, Louisiana! Of course, we will again be a vendor for them, and this time will offer classes.

When rubberstamping, think outside the images that the rubber stamp was originally intended for. You could mask portions of the stamp and use pieces of it to make completely different things than what it was first created for. Look at the outsides of images, and see if you could use them, or parts of them, as flourishes, grass, tree limbs, hair, etc. Looking back at the Pelican stamp from Impression Obsession that I used for my Louisiana-themed Christmas card, and thinking about how I masked off each piece in it separately in order to obtain the final layered result, I realized that I could also use each of those elements separately, in another scene or another form. For example, the wreath would be great used by itself on an image of a door or mailbox, or car/truck hood... the possibilities are endless. Be creative. Be daring. Be yourself, and find joy where you can, in the little things, and in the creation of wonderful keepsakes that are most definitely, individually YOU!!!

Have a wonderful day! Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Cricut II Class / NEW Creative Imaginations, Karen Foster & Stamping Station

Thanks to all of you who wrote and called inquiring about how we felt, and thank you to all of you who are praying for our speedy recovery. Emery and I were able to work today, but Felix had to stay home. Hopefully he'll be back up to speed tomorrow. We have LOTS planned! Emery will be cropping during the day Saturday in Metairie. If you wish him to stay until Midnight, please call him as early as possible to let him know. He said he will stay if there are enough requests. The Metairie store number is 504-301-1081. We will be cropping in Mandeville tomorrow until Midnight, as usual, after the Cricut II class. If you want to crop in Mandeville tomorrow, after 1:00 PM, please call to reserve your spot. The number for the Mandeville store is 985-624-3338. We already have a number of people scheduled, so call ASAP to make sure you get in.

We got new Creative Imaginations lines in. Thanksgiving and Fall, and the Christmas collections that I am holding until we do the Layout of the Month. Wait 'til you see these! Gorgeous papers, most of them with diecut edges, and matching 12x12 transparencies, ribbon collections, and rub-ons! If I get to finish the LOTM tomorrow, I will have the Christmas lines out Monday, but the Thanksgiving and Fall lines are already out.

We also received new Karen Foster products. The most adorable pregnancy and newborn stickers, rub-ons, and papers that are new releases. Precious cardstock stickers of a little boy's "shaving" session with Daddy or Grandpa. Veggie paper, new Swim Team collection just released, finally Tennis paper... so much I can't list it all. You just have to come in and see for yourself.

Our Stamping Station order finally arrived, as well. We have brand-new Louisiana paper that I am hoping Felix will be able to put on the online store this weekend. It is gorgeous and I actually sold a bunch of them before I had a chance to put them into inventory fully. People were just buying them out the pack! We also got in new Florida and Alaska paper, and a few others.

Speaking of merchandise not making it to the shelves--we got in our backordered Tim Holtz masks that were flourishes and clocks/gears. Well, all I can say is that there are no more flourish masks left in Mandeville, and I'm not sure what Emery has left in Metairie. They never even made it to the hooks on the wall! Apparently a LOT of people love these, so we've already reordered them. If you haven't had the chance to see how these are used, please log onto Tim Holtz' website, where he has a video showing you how to use them. VERY cool. I'm considering putting together a class on the different ways he demonstrates so you will have actual hands-on with these very versatile tools.

There are lots of other new products we've gotten in over the past couple of days. If you get the chance, stop in and check it all out. I promise, it will be worth your while!

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Card Workshops / Cricut II Workshop / Gulf Coast Scrappers / Layout of the Month

Our Louisiana-themed Christmas card classes and our FREE Christmas card workshop we did this past week and weekend were unbelieveable! We had so much fun, and so many people loved these cards, that we have had a request to do this same workshop again. I'm working on trying to figure out where I can squeeze it into our schedule right now. Next week is the Gulf Coast Scrappers event, and the Metairie store will be closed during the event on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can check the calendar on the website ( for the exact days if you forget. We will be open in Metairie on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the entire week in Mandeville. So I can't schedule the Christmas card workshop in Metairie until after that, as I won't be able to get down to the Metairie store before 7:00 PM to hold the class. Please call and/or e-mail me and let me know if you want me to schedule something in Metairie the week after GCS, and if you would like to attend during the day or in the evening. Also, please let me know if you would just prefer I do it up here in the Mandeville store, again, next week.

Remember our Cricut II workshop is this coming Saturday, November 15th at 11:00 AM. Heather will take you even deeper into the wonderful workings of this awe-inspiring machine as she shows you more intricate things that it can do, particularly with the Design Studio software. PLEASE call as soon as possible to reserve your seat, as seating is limited and we already have a number of people scheduled.

If you are signed up for the Layout of the Month Club and have not picked up your kit yet or come to the Workshop, please contact me so we can either send it to you or schedule a time when we can get together and I will do it with you, one-on-one, either in Metairie or Mandeville. We ordered extra for this month's LOTM Club kits, as we figured a LOT of people would want it once they saw it. The papers are fantastic, and you know we won't let you down when it comes to learning new techniques with this month's kit, either. If you have a particular technique you would like to learn and think others may be interested, please call or e-mail me, and I'll see if I can work it into the next Layout. We're always looking for something new and fun, especially when it comes to things we've worked with before in other ways. I actually spoke with a manufacturer recently when placing an order and told her how I used her products in one of my recent classes, and she was amazed. She had NO IDEA that her product could be used in such a way! I felt very honored, and was quite tickled, as you might imagine.

Have a wonderful week, y'all! Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History in the Making!!! What a Scrapbooking Opportunity!!!

Greetings, All!!!

As we all have seen by now, Barack Obama will be our 44th President of the United States. Whether we voted for him or another person, he has won, and will be the United States' first biracial president. Folks, this is history in the making!!! I encourage you to save your newspapers that you get today and in the coming weeks, and create scrapbook pages with them. Remember to scan them first so they won't turn brittle and yellow and deteriorate in your albums, though! Your children and your children's children, and many more to follow will appreciate your doing this. Remember to record your thoughts on his making presidency, as well as any other thoughts you may have of current events--political, cultural, social--whatever. And if you do not have children or other family members to pass your albums on to, please remember that libraries jump at the chance to get scrapbooks, journals, and diaries, as these all include what was happening in the world at the time these books were created--not just the person's personal events.

Looking back at some scrapbooks I have created, I can see so many things that no longer exist, as well as recall events I have lived through that I may not have thought important at the time, but which played out to be a major occurrence in history. My actual very first scrapbook was of current events, and was a school project requirement by my Social Studies teacher. That scrapbook has newspaper clippings in it of topics from the gas lines (at that time the gasoline had skyrocketed and there were literally lines around the block of people waiting to fill up because they thought there would be a shortage), to "new" laws for child abusers, to events that were occurring involving President Richard Nixon. At the time of creating that book, I thought it was stupid to put things like that in it, but now I am so thrilled that I did. It not only put the bug of scrapbooking into me, but taught me to appreciate that life changes in a breath's time, and that I am living in history, in everything that I do. I thank that teacher for giving me that assignment, and just wish back then we knew about Archival Mist and acid-free adhesive runners!

So, go make your own history book. And make it personal. Include your thoughts and ideas on what's happening in our world today, as well as how things you include in your book affect your life as an individual. Twenty years from now, you'll thank me.

Have a great day! Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Louisiana-Themed Christmas Card Workshop / Basic Stamping Class

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a splendid weekend, as I did. Felix and I even got to go to the cinema yesterday, and then came home and watched another movie On-Demand! Relaxation overload!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4th I will be having a Basic Stamping class in the Mandeville store at 6:00 PM. Please call in advance if you are planning on attending (985-624-3338). In all my Basic Stamping classes, I give you a printed handout of the information that I teach you (because there's a LOT!) so you can refer back to it when you get home and begin your own stamping projects. In the Basic Stamping class I teach you: The difference between all six (6) types of ink and what their different applications are for; how to properly care for and clean your stamps; the different types of stamps and other things you can use to stamp with; how to get a great, crisp stamped impression every single time you stamp; how to heat emboss; how to use chalks in different forms and how to prevent the chalk dust from rubbing off; how and when to use blender pens; and different ways to color in your stamped images. That's A LOT for a Basics class, I agree, and it is a 2-hour class. I include all of these things because I LOVE stamping (can't you tell?!) and I want to share with you a diverse overview of all the wonderful things you can do with this type of papercrafting. I do have an Advanced Stamping class that includes even more information on masking and using multiple stamps to create one image, stamping on surfaces other than paper, and using a stamp-positioning tool. I don't have an Advanced class scheduled right now, but if you contact me, I'd be happy to do the class with you one-on-one if you want it this month, in either store.

This Thursday, November 6th, we will be doing the LOUISIANA-THEMED Christmas Card Workshop. OMG!!! This class will actually be done using some of the Advanced techniques, but don't worry if you haven't mastered the basics yet. I'll show you step-by-step what you need to know and do in Thursday's class, as we go along and create our cards. We will be using multiple stamps to create ONE scene, and it is absolutely AWESOME!!! Thursday's Workshop will be in Mandeville at 10:30 AM, and in Metairie at 6:00 PM. Please call us or e-mail us ASAP if you want to be included in this outstanding class. I have a limited amount of the stamps available to purchase afterwards, and I can tell you that the few who have seen the finished product have already signed up and prepaid for the stamps we will be using! I have placed another order to get more of these great stamps in, and am waiting for word from my Sales Rep on when they will arrive. A lot of people want to do these as the Christmas cards they send out this year. If you have not really stamped before, please consider coming to my Basic Stamping class tomorrow so you'll feel confident as you create your cards Thursday.

This Saturday, November 8th, we will be doing a general Christmas Card Workshop using some really nice stamps. If you wish to make cards without stamping, please contact me so I can pull some products together for you and get instructions printed so you can make your cards without using stamping.

I hope you have a wonderful evening, and remember to GET OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW!!! I don't care who you vote for, just vote! It is a privilege and a duty that we have as American citizens, and EVERY vote counts!

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chris!

November 1 is Chris G.'s birthday!!! Chris is on our Design Team, and you can read her bio on our website in the Design Team section, or view her profile under our Follower feature here on this blog. She's an integral part of our team, and was actually even a customer when we opened our first store, pre-Katrina. She's truly a member of our family, and we miss her being here to share time with. She is a traveling Occupational Therapist, and I believe she thoroughly enjoys that lifestyle right now. She just transferred back to D.C., where she has family. Today when I spoke to her, she told me how beautiful the turning leaves are...I'm so jealous! We're hoping she'll get a chance to come back into town early next year. She treated me to the most wonderful Tea in Covington when she was here last, the week before Scrap'N On the River. We share a lot of similar likes (and dislikes!), and a lot of similar childhood experiences. She's very special to us, and I love her dearly. Please join me in sending her well-wishes for another wonderful year.

We cropped tonight in Mandeville, until 3:45 AM!!! We had a wonderful time, and us gals were really cutting up once Felix went home. I sent him home early so we could play, and play we did! We left Felix a nice surprise for when he comes back in. You know how much he loves to play jokes on people and, well, this one will be a doozie, but for HIM! He may think twice about leaving me to my own devices with a crop room full of people again!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dreamweaver Stencils / New "Follower" Feature / Crop Celebration Event

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lynell Harlow, creator of the Dreamweaver Stencils Embossing Pastes (and stencils!) that you all know and love. I had the occasion to call her because a customer came in asking if she could use the embossing pastes on fabric. Guess what Lynell told me? YOU CAN!!! She gave me the specifics of how to go about doing this, and what you need to do in order to be able to WASH it, even (in the washing machine)! So--now that I've teased you with this little gem of info, I'm off to design something fantastic with the embossing pastes on fabric, and put together a class for you. Of course, I will be doing the class in both locations, Northshore and Southshore, for my fabulous customers on BOTH sides of the Lake!!! I'll have Felix update the website calendar as soon as the project is completed, and have him send out a post via our Yahoo! Group. BTW, if you aren't already a member of our Yahoo! Group, please go to our website and click the link on the front page to become a member. That way you'll be sure to get updates of when new product is in, any specials we are running, all the workshops we host, and events we attend.

Also, speaking of the Dreamweaver Embossing Pastes and Stencils... Lynell did mention to me that we are the ONLY retailer for these beauties in the entire state of Louisiana! How about THAT?! You know, it makes us feel really good to know we are the first to bring our fantastic customers fantastic new products and techniques. So, stay tuned... you never know what we'll come across, or when!

On another note, there's a new "Follower" feature on this Blog, now. You can find it on the right side of the page when you log on. Please sign up as a Follower. We want to know who our loyal customers are, and we want you to let others know you are a proud fan of ours!

Lastly (and I'm trying to be brief here because Gina said my posts are too long!), I spoke with Regina of Crop Celebration. They have another crop planned for the last week of February 2009, and we will again be a vendor. Stay tuned for more info, and we'll have the flyers out in the stores shortly. (Love you, Gina!)

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cricut Class, Stamping Workshops & Other Calendar Updates for November

Greetings, folks!

I hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful weather! I know I am! Tonight when I was driving home, I looked at my dashboard and it said it was 49 degrees outside! Wooo Hooo!!! I'm SOOOO ready for winter!

Time seems to be just flying by lately, and there simply aren't enough hours in the day for all I want to do. There's so much that I WANT to make with all the cool new stamps we got in, but I don't have the time... :( We have a wonderful flourish with poinsettias on it, a beautiful Christian-themed stamp, and a MOST adorable coffee-bean Christmas tree standing in a coffee cup!!! How cool are those?! The coffee-bean one, alone, has me itching to just sit and play, and make really neat Christmas cards for all my coffee-fanatic friends and family members. And the poinsettia flourish is gorgeous and I can already see it done with heat embossing and combined with other images, as well as on its own. The Christian-themed one is so sweet, and a very, very detailed image that I know will make a beautiful card, either stamped in a single color or colored in. It, too, would be gorgeous if it were done with heat embossing. We are having a workshop in Mandeville on Saturday, November 8 from 1PM to 5PM using these three stamps. Of course, I'm certain I'll have others in by then that we can use. We are not charging for this workshop, we are simply asking you to purchase your cardstock bases and other embellishments here with us at the time of the Workshop. Please do call ahead and make reservations as soon as you know you'll be able to join us. We're planning on having a great time, and refreshments will be served. Stamps used during the Workshop will be available for purchase afterwards at a discount, so when you fall in love with them (as I know you will), you'll be able to actually take them home and make MORE!!!

We had a wonderful basic Cricut class last Saturday, and so many more people asked us to repeat it because they hadn't heard about it in time to sign up. We will be repeating the Basic Cricut Class in Mandeville THIS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1st at 11AM. The class will last about 1 1/2 hours or so, and Heather (the instructor) will take you from first turning on the Cricut to actually basic use of the Cricut Design Studio software. We have the Cricut Expression connected to our computer with a huge monitor, all set up in the crop room in Mandeville. If you already own a Cricut (either the original one or the Expression), you may bring it if you wish (but you don't have to) and work along with Heather on your own machine. If you already have the Design Studio Software on your laptop, you can bring that, as well. If you do not yet own a Cricut, or the Design Studio software, but are considering investing in either one, then I highly recommend you take this class to see the wonderful versatility of this machine and software, alone and combined, before you make that kind of an investment. Should you choose to purchase a Cricut, you can speak to Felix and see what kind of special he has going at that time. We sell ALL of the Cricut products, and offer VERY competitive pricing on all of them. There are so many accessories available for it now, and so many cool things that you can do with them. One of them is the Jukebox, which holds up to 6 cartridges, and you don't have to swap them out to use them. It connects directly to your Cricut. You can even link up to 3 Jukeboxes, and have up to 18 cartridges available at one time. Think of the possibilities!!! There's a Cricut cartridge storage binder available now, that stores up to 8 cartridges and overlays, and you can label it so you'll know which ones it holds. There's also Stencil material that is 12x24 inches, so you can cut your own stencils. With the Design Studio software, the possibilities are almost limitless!!! There SOOOO much more that Cricut has available now, ALL of which we sell. Please contact us and let us know what we can get for you. If you prepay you can be sure you will get what you want, as we will hold it just for you when it comes in. We do not charge you for shipping, and if we can verify a competitor's price, we will do our best to meet or beat that price, AND save you shipping!

Also, remember that Scrappersaurus stands behind every product we sell, and we support it 100%. We are here to not only sell you products, but to instruct you in how to use them and enjoy them to their utmost. We love what we do, and we love sharing our passion with you. When we find great products, we bring them to you and offer you many different ways to use them. I feel like I'm a pretty adventurous person, and I love to "experiment" with things, and see what different uses I can come up with, for everything I come across. This is why you learn so much when you purchase from us. We do our best to pass on our knowledge and experiences to you, to help you have even more fun doing what you already enjoy. And, I know I am repeating myself, but people, PLEASE support your Local Scrapbook Store, and purchase from US instead of surfing the net or ordering through catalogs. Whatever they offer, WE can get for you, and you don't pay shipping, AND we teach you what to do with it. How can you lose? I am saying this again because, again, another Local Scrapbook Store has closed.

We have Basic Scrapbooking and Basic Stamping classes coming up in both locations, and the Layout of the Month Club and Card of the Month Club are just growing phenomenally!!! I'm trying to twist Felix's arm to get him to put up pics of the previous Layouts and Cards we've done, so stay tuned and watch for his post of when he finally gets them on the website. You know, you don't have to attend the Workshop for the Layout of the Month Club or the Card of the Month Club to be a member. You get all the materials to make the layout or the cards, along with a full color picture of the completed project, and written, step-by-step instructions on how to create them. We can mail them to you, or you can stop by the store (either location) and pick up the kit. We do our best to use new or different techniques every month, so that you can continue to add to your knowledge base of techniques. Please call and sign up as soon as you can so you will be able to participate in the next one(s). We need to know in advance how many people to order product for, so the sooner, the better!

If you have any requests, please contact us and let us know what you need. In addition to ordering directly from the manufacturers, we order from a couple of different distributors quite often and can usually get what you want within 3-7 business days. If you have any suggestions of lines of product or types of product that you would like to see us offer in our stores, please let us know. We welcome suggestions, and a lot of times that is how we come across great products. We obviously cannot read EVERY catalog, meet with EVERY sales rep out there, or go to EVERY website for ALL of the crafting companies, so we depend on YOU to tell us what you want!!!

Also, if there is a class (technique or project) that you would like us to do, please let us know. You may not be the only one, and others might enjoy it as well. We offer individual instruction in scrapbooking and stamping, and just about EVERY class or workshop that we offer is available one-on-one, usually for the same price. We also teach different techniques one-on-one, as well. Just let us know what you need, and it's merely a matter of coordinating our schedule with yours.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and, until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crop Celebration a great success!!! Tim Holtz products in!!!


I'm THOROUGHLY exhausted!!! I had such fun at Crop Celebration, but I have to say, it was not the easiest thing to work the booth all by myself! I'm still feeling it!

I understand Felix and Emery's sale went very well. They had a phenomenal weekend with a huge turnout. Are you all waiting for me to be away so you can shop with Felix and Emery since they have sneaky sales??? HA! Apparently, I'll have to keep a closer eye on those two!

I am in the process of putting together another class for the Embossing Pastes (both Southshore and Northshore), and that long-awaited chipboard dress album. I'm waiting on new products to arrive so I can use them in both classes.

Remember to check the calendar frequently, and click on the description for the day. It may just go to another screen that shows an otherwise unadvertised special. We like to reward our loyal customers who check our site frequently with specials and printable coupons. So, it's always a good idea to check the website calendar if you're planning on coming in to shop that day. Sometimes we even have triple stamp day!!! But you only get the web special if you ask for it!!!

We have some kits left from the About A Boy paperbag album. The kit includes full sheets of papers, full sheets of rubons, and complete step-by-step printed instructions with full color photographs of each page so you can see how it should be put together. I have to tell you, though, these papers and rubons would work very well for a little girl, or actually anyone or anything. The rubons are fairly specific to children, in general, but the papers and some of the rubons are so generic that you could make this kit into an album of whatever you desire.

We have a couple kits left of the BOO Halloween mini album. Again, these kits contain all the papers, cardstock, embellishments, instructions, photographs, and even a container of Orange Peel Stickles! Heather (the designer who created this album) explains very clearly and shows in her photos of the pages how to do your journaling and faux stitching, and how to accent your pages and photo mats. This is an excellent mini book, both in its design as well as the techniques learned in creating it. The instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow.

By the end of this week I will have kits of Halloween Squash Books put together. Again, these were designed by Heather, a member of our wonderful Design Team. With this design, she puts a completely different twist on squash books, and her folds are totally different from the "usual" way of folding together a squash book. You have to see it in person to really get the true effects and see how awesome the book design and layout is.

Next week we are having our Card of the Month Club. Members will get a new rubber stamp and two new markers. We will be creating two completely different cards with the stamp you will be keeping, and then we will class-use a different stamp and make a different card with that one. The other stamp will be available for purchase at a discount if you take the class. If you have not signed up for the Card of the Month Club, we have no more of the stamps that we are using for this month, but are willing to substitute another stamp in place of it. Call IMMEDIATELY to sign up and pre-pay, as this class is fairly full already. And you definitely don't want to miss out on next month's Card of the Month. We have the stamps in already, and there are enough to add a few more people to the Club. Watch the calendar for a specially-designed New Orleans-themed card workshop. Melissa will again be the instructor for these classes, and will show you how much fun you can have with these very versatile crafting "tools".

We got in a rather large shipment today of NEW GRUNGEBOARD by Tim Holtz, as well as several of his leather acrylic-cling stamp binders. These binders are just out-the-box awesome! If you go to his blog, you can see him demo this binder and how to alter it. Of course, it is absolutely gorgeous all on its own, but if you alter it, it's just unreal. We have additional pages for it, so you can purchase more as you need them. We also got some fragments, and the mini-misters you've requested. Come get them now before they're all snatched up! You can use these mini-misters for your stamp cleaner when you travel and don't want to take a large bottle of stamp cleaner. Or you can create your own custom mists and washes (like Walnut Ink or Glimmer Mist). We got in more of the nonstick craft surface mats, and the newly redesigned heat guns. These heat guns are really beautiful. Silver with pink writing on it. I'm thinking *I* need a new heat gun... LOL!!! Oh, and we also got in several palettes of the Pearl-Ex powdered pigment collections. These can be used to make your own mists and to create your own custom colors in the embossing pastes.

Plus, LOTS more goodies!!! Come on by and check things out. It's all in the Mandeville store right now, but will be in the Metairie store by Wednesday or Thursday.

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crop Celebration in Hammond, LA / Queen & Co. / Suze Weinberg Stickles / Snapware Organizers / Stamping Bella / Impression Obsession


We are vendors at the very first Crop Celebration being held at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Hammond, Louisiana, on Pecan St. It is close to Southeastern Louisiana University. This is a charity event, and proceeds go to the Restoration House, which is an organization that assists young women with unplanned pregnancies. We believe this is a worthwhile cause in and of itself, and the fact that the price for cropping from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM is DEFINITELY worth it! Felix and I set up this afternoon and had to come back to the store to process a very large order we received in. So, let's get on to some more news...

Queen & Co. Felt Fusion is in! The bats are absolutely adorable! There are also red poinsettias, pink and blue baby blocks, trains, fish, basketballs, soccer balls, and baseballs, and dogs/bones/fire hydrants. Too cute! These are self-adhesive felt images that are a yard in length. You can cut them apart and use the images individually or use them as borders on your pages or cards. Lots of possibilities!

The long-awaited Suze Weinberg Designer Stickles are in! Six new colors: Mermaid, Grape, Tiara, Sequin, Ruby Slippers, and Champagne. GOT to get these! They were delivered in Mandeville today, and Metairie will have them tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Just when you thought you had all the coolest organizers out there, along comes a new one! We just got in the new round Snapware Snap 'N Stack Craft Organizers. You can build towers of these little containers, and since they are clear, you can see exactly what you've got stored inside. Some of the ladies that come to our crops in Metairie have all their different types of flowers stored in them. And they have a tower of about a dozen of them, all connected! Two of the set of three are completely open on the inside, while the third one has a divider in the middle, so it has two sections to it. You really could store all sorts of different things in these. This is definitely a "buy it again" product!

Melissa just left after showing me two of the three cards for the Card of the Month Club. They are SOOOOO adorable! We're using Stamping Bella this month, and they are just TOO CUTE!!! Melissa is an instructor for our stamping workshops, and she loves to show people how they can use the same stamp in completely different ways. Obviously, she shares the passion that I have for rubber stamping!

Speaking of Stamping Bella, we now have Bella in the house! Both stores! These acrylic cling stamps are the loveliest little images I've seen in a long time. There is a Bella for just about every occasion you can think of. We've got a number of them in already, and plan to add to our collection of them as often as possible.

We also received some Impression Obsession wood-mounted stamps in. Right now we are only putting out the Halloween Boxes stamp, which is a collection of Halloween icons inside "boxes" made of bones. Very adorable! Melissa is making us a sample card to display in both stores, so look for it by next Monday. We have other Impression Obsession stamps in, but we are reserving those for the November Card of the Month Club, and then we have a special surprise that we are creating with the Christmas ones we got in. We think you'll really love these. I'll keep you updated on them.

Well, we're off to finish getting things together for Crop Celebration tomorrow and Saturday. Be sure to visit Emery in Metairie and Felix in Mandeville this weekend. I'm sure they'll miss me... NOT!!! They'll probably have sales while I'm not around to know about them!

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Friday, September 12, 2008

"Frightful" by My Little Yellow Bicycle, "Sheer Delights" by KI Memories & Sugartree are IN!!!

Today we received two HUGE boxes from My Little Yellow Bicycle, with the Frightful collection. It is absolutely the most adorable Halloween collection I have ever seen! WAIT 'til you see this one!!! As a matter of fact, I'm going to call the company tomorrow to see if I can get more of it in, because I know it's going to sell out VERY quickly. There is a gorgeous FLOCKED SPIDER AND WEB paper that is really cool. There are glittered papers and diecut papers. One of the diecut papers has spiderwebs all along the edges, as a border all around. Another one has diecut bats as a border all around the page. There's another diecut page that is a collage of Halloween sayings and words, with little bats and spiders and webs mixed in between them all. The skull image they use throughout the collection is REALLY WICKED!!! It has a cutout flourish in the top of the right side of the skull. I also have matching acrylic cling stamps for this collection, and it does include the skull! If you want to see the collection, go to and click on the Collections, then click on the Frightful icon. I have pretty much the entire collection, except for a couple things that were already backordered! Both chipboard alphabet sets, the transparency frames and images, the charms, the glittered stickers (cardstock and chipboard)... I am using this for the Layout of the Month for those of you who belong to the Club. The Workshop for the LOM is THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th. Please check the website calendar for more info.

NEW from KI Memories, SHEER DELIGHTS Small Flowers 1 and Small Flowers 2. These are like nothing you've ever seen before in scrapbooking! They are acid-free and archival safe, and are fairly transparent diecut sheets that are made of a material that is like very, very thin plastic. It is very versatile and can be used for papercrafting as well as home decor. You've probably already seen the ads for it in the current scrapbooking and papercrafting magazines. The ad I've seen uses it as a cone-shaped holder for a bunch of flowers. It is something you just have to see. To see it online, go to and click on the Sheer Delights collection. But I'm warning you, the images online do not really do it justice at all. It's something you have to see in person in order to really appreciate it.

Okay, we also got in a HUGE shipment of new Sugartree papers. For those of you not familiar with this company, they are the ones who do the excellent themed papers. We got in new travel papers with airplanes on them, pandas, black bears (LA has black bears!), an absolutely fantastic chicken and eggs page, mountains, beach scenes, rubber ducky in bathtub with matching tile paper. So much, I really can't list it all. The invoice was two complete pages.

Okay, I'm a little punch drunk. It's been a long, busy day and tomorrow will be the same.

Until next time, happy scrapping!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Post-Gustav News from Scrappersaurus

Greetings, everyone!

I'm happy to report that BOTH stores fared out just fine through Gustav, as did our home and Emery's apartment.

Felix and I are in the Mandeville store today, and the store is open as usual for business. We received nine (9) boxes of new inventory today, so we're pretty busy putting things back together after having packed everything away safely to survive the storm, as well as inputting new inventory and putting that out.

The Metairie store will reopen on Monday, September 8th at 10:00 AM. Emery went to the Metairie store and said the entire parking lot is completely filled up with Breaux Mart customers who are returning and trying to restock their food supply, and who cannot find parking in the Breaux Mart parking lot.

If anyone needs anything in the meanwhile, please call the Mandeville store and we will see how we can get it to you. I know right now the kids are probably stir-crazy and have you climbing the walls, and papercrafting would be a good thing to occupy their time (as well as yours) while waiting for things to return to normal. If you can make it to the Mandeville store, we have some kits available that have everything you need in them, including the adhesive.

Please do e-mail us at or call us to let us know you are okay. You may think you are just "Customers" to us, but we actually consider each and every one of you "Family", and are concerned about you. Let us know if we can help with anything.

Take care, stay safe, and stay in touch.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

NEW RELEASE: Black Market Paper Society / Ranger/Tim Holtz

Okay, Felix did it again! He's placed beaucoup orders without me even knowing about them! One of them was the newest release of Black Market Paper Society, which has been HOT, HOT, HOT!!! We have not been able to keep it on the shelves for very long, and now the new ones are on the way! We have LOTS of samples using this gorgeous line of papers, layouts and cards, so if you need inspiration, come into the stores and see what our Design Team have cooked up.

Plenty of newly-released products are on the way! OF COURSE all the new Distress Stickles and Crackle Paint, as well as a reorder for the original ones, which we can't seem to keep in stock, either! Apparently, we've hit upon several VERY hot items! Keep checking our website calendar for updates on classes that will be using these new products. Heather, one of our DT members and teachers, already has a 2-part class in the works using the distress products and chipboard. More info will be available when this class description is posted on the calendar.

We have classes scheduled at ScrapFest! by both myself and Heather. Heather will be creating the most adorable paper bag mini book you've ever seen! She will be using the About A Boy collection from Fancy Pants, and it is just absolutely precious! The sample of the book is in Mandeville at the moment. I will be doing a class using the embossing pastes! I will demonstrate use of the paste that I have not taught in any of my classes on it before, and it will include a stencil for you to keep. Which of course, you will definitely want after learning a couple of different, REALLY cool ways to use it!

We are also going to be vendors for a new crop that is coming in October in Hammond. We have flyers for it in both stores, so if you stop by, you can pick up a flyer on it. It will be October 10th and 11th at Immanuel Baptist Church on Pecan Street. Stay tuned for more info on that as the day gets closer. It is called Crop Celebration.

We are now accepting members for our Card of the Month Club and Layout of the Month Club. Each one is $24.99 a month, and if you cannot make it to the workshop where we put them together, we can either hold your kit for your, or mail your kit Priority to you for $29.99. The Card Club will include one new stamp and one new inkpad every month, along with at least 3 (three) different card designs made using that one stamp. Of course, the paper and anything else the cards are made with will be included. Everything, that is, except the adhesive to hold it all together! This way you can build up your collection of stamps and inks, at a very affordable price, and learn new techniques and have fun along the way. The Layout Club will be a double-page layout designed by one of our wonderful Design Team members, using the newest product in. It will include all the product that goes into making the layout, and of course you will have a bunch of stuff left over, like embellishments or ribbon, that you could use for another layout or cards. This way you can keep up with the Joneses on the new products, and have fabulously designed pages to preserve and showcase your memories. Oh, yeah, and don't forget the fun you'll have playing with all the new stuff as it comes out, and the new techniques we will present with the new layouts.

We also have a new series of layouts coming up that will compose a "Book of Me" by Heather L., one of our DT Members. It is not only a layout class on a specific theme, but it will also be a different "techniques class" with each topic. Stay tuned for the exact schedule to be posted, either here or on the website calendar, within the next few days. If you want to check out what sort of style Heather has, go to our website and look her up under the Design Team section. You will see a link to her blog, and she puts up pics or scans of her latest creations.

Melissa F. will be in charge of the Card Club, and if you want to check out some of her designs, go to our website and look her up under the Design Team section. You will see a link to her blog where she presents her latest and greatest creations. She also does other papercrafting, and is working on a REALLY neat minibook right now. More info when that's finished and the date is scheduled.

Metairie's crops have been phenomenal, and this Friday we have 13 1/2 people scheduled for the crop! Uh, don't ask about the 1/2 cropper--I'm just going on the numbers Emery gave me for how many croppers we have! We are beginning to do mini-workshops on Friday nights during the crop since some of the regulars have convinced me that they absolutely HAVE to start learning some new stuff. Uh huh. Right! I've SEEN y'all's pages, and they are GREAT, but whatever! So this Friday I will teach how to use even your smallest, narrowest scraps of paper that you probably wouldn't have otherwise thought of keeping. Recycle, reuse, repurpose... it's all about going green at Scrappersaurus!

Well, I've got a Basic Scrapbooking class Thursday night (8/7/08) in Mandeville. I do have several people already signed up, but if you'd like to join us, please call ASAP as I'll be cutting down the kits as soon as I get in the store in the morning.

Also, I've got plenty of other classes scheduled, taught by myself, Melissa F., and Heather L., and I hope to add to that shortly. I'm in the process of interviewing another teacher and waiting on her finished project to schedule a class for her.

We are now going to be doing DAY CLASSES whenever possible, due to high demand. Lots of people don't want to drive at night, and a lot of people come to the stores from far away, like Avondale, Belle Chasse, Destrehan, LaPlace, Norco, Houma, Hammond, Pearl River, etc. Thank you, scrampers for making the trek! (BTW, a "scramper" is a scrapbooker/stamper!). We truly appreciate your business, and enjoy your company!

Until next time,

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Vita Bella / Crafter's Workshop / Reminisce / Creative Imaginations / ProvoCraft

The new VITA BELLA collection from My Little Yellow Bicycle is IN!!! And guess what...? We have it ALL!!! The ENTIRE collection, with ALL the embellies that go with it!!!

New Alphabet Doodle templates by Crafter's Workshop are IN!!! Sporty Letters, Basic Letters, Rachel's Letters, Marquee Letters, SchoolDays Letters, and Alphadoodles!!!

We also got Softball paper, embellies, and rub-ons from Reminisce! Swim Team paper and embellies from Creative Imaginations! ProvoCraft Vinyl for the Cricut in LOTS of colors, and the Transfer Tape! WooHoo!!!

Scrap-N-On the River was MOST EXCELLENT!!! We had a BLAST!!! And it was so much fun having a table of some of our favorite scrappers and two of our Design Team members right in front of our booth! We saw so many old friends, and made LOTS of new ones! We were so busy that I didn't get a chance to scrap at all for myself. I did demonstrations of the Embossing Paste with brass stencils, and sold tons of it! I actually ended up selling my class supplies because people didn't want to wait for it to come in, in my next order, after I had run out of stock! Wow! Due to the overwhelming response at this last crop, I will be doing a 2-hour class at ScrapFest! with these pastes, and show you how you can make cards and embellishments and lots of other great things with these pastes. Be sure to sign up for it early!

Natchez was so beautiful, and the people were so nice. The new hotel was fantastic, and Felix and I both agreed it was definitely a place we'd like to go back and visit as a vacation spot. So calm and peaceful....ahhhh....

Guess what Felix ordered already for the Cricut? Shhhhhh.... don't tell, or everybody will want one...! It's the GoBe, which is a portable Cricut battery pack that is rechargeable and lasts 4-6 hours! Whoa! Lookout! I see a wave of Cricuts lined up on our crop tables pretty soon! He also ordered the Cricut Deep Cut Blade and Housing which is supposed to be a replacement for the conventional blades that cuts deeper and is much stronger. It is meant to go through chipboard and wood veneers, magnet sheets, vinyl, and much more, with ease. And it also works with the Stamp Kit, which allows you to cut and create custom stamps from any Cricut design! Of course, he HAD to order that, too! We'll keep you updated on it's arrival!

Okay, before I sign off, I want to remind you all that Scrappersaurus is now having monthly Card Workshops that are for stampers AND non-stampers! So EVERYBODY gets to make great cards! And, we also now have a monthly layout club which will include the latest and greatest product used to make a 2-page layout. Watch the calendar for the dates of these Workshops!

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Monthly Card Workshops Begin in August!!!

We had a most excellent time with our Stamping/Card workshop this week in Mandeville, taught by Melissa F. Someone brought some wine, there were chips and dip, most delicious brownies, and we had all sorts of fun! We created 4 cards, and Melissa demonstrated different uses for the same stamp. A lot of people think you can only do one thing with a stamp, but stamps are so versatile and there are so many creations you can come up with, with only one stamp!

Beginning in August, we will have a monthly card workshop demonstrating different techniques, and creating different cards. Stay tuned and keep checking the website calendar for the dates. We will still be having the Basic Stamping classes, in addition to these card workshops, so if you're unsure of your stamping and card-making skills but want to come to the workshops, sign up for the Basic Stamping class. I will show you how to stamp properly and get a great, crisp impression EVERY time you stamp, as well as teach you about the different uses for all 5 different types of inks (makes a BIG difference!), and the proper care of your stamps so they will last a long time.

Tonight we will be at Pelican Park, and Melissa F. will be hosting a workshop in which you create a single page layout, and it is superb! Actually, Felix designed it, and I LOVE it because you can turn it sideways and upside down and the page will still work, in any orientation! It begins at 6:00 PM.

Every Friday, beginning tonight through September 19th, we will be having a workshop at Pelican Park. You can find out more about their crop on their webite, We will have a limited amount of supplies available for purchase at the beginning of each of the crops.

We are very excited about our upcoming attendance at the Natchez Scrap-N On The River next week!!! We have been getting phone calls and e-mails every day from people who will be attending, making requests for products they would like us to bring. If you have a special request, please call or e-mail ASAP so we can make sure to have it in, in time to bring with us.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cosmo Cricket, Black Market Paper Society, October Afternoon, Best Creation

SO MANY new things are in right now!!!

Black Market Paper Society Let It Bloom and Lucky 'N Love
Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo
October Afternoon Detours and Country Fairs
Die Cuts With A View Chip Chatter in lots of really cool colors
Best Creation: Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, Birthday, Travel

We also FINALLY got in the Acrylic Dress Albums!!! They are SO ADORABLE!!! You just have to come in and see these. They are perfect for little girls' books.

We would like to welcome Heather and Melissa to our Scrappersaurus family as new Design Team members and teachers for us. They both bring some awesome talent and fresh ideas to our fantastic team. Please check out their bios and some samples of their fabulous work on the website under the Design Team. We'd also like to welcome Kerry to our Design Team. She does beautiful, very fru-fru crafting. Maybe one day we will be able to talk her into teaching for us here! (Hint, hint, Kerry!!!)

Scrappersaurus has been invited to teach at a series of Friday crops in Mandeville's Pelican Park, beginning on Friday, July 18th through Friday, September 19th. Please stay tuned for a calendar listing the classes that we'll be doing there.

Also, please note that the Mandeville store (only) will be closed from Wednesday, July 23rd through Sunday, July 27th, in order to attend Scrap 'N On The River in Natchez, MS. The Mandeville store will open as usual on Monday, July 28th at 10:00 AM. The Metairie store will be unaffected, and will remain open that entire week.

We are having a potluck crop this Friday night in the Metairie store. Please call Emery if you have not yet signed up to attend. Space is limited!!! I look forward to seeing you all there!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Classes; Fancy Pants, Glitz, Prima Just In!!!

New orders this week include the Fancy Pants About A Boy collection, with matching rubons and transparencies. We also got lots of the Glitz 12" Frosting and a good variety of colors of the swirl arrow bling. Beautiful! Prima sent the Say It In Crystals and Say It In Studs. We have the Flower Centers in Black/Clear, Red/Pink/Lavender, Yellow/Gold/Brown, Pets, and Beach. The studs include a HUGE Fleur de Lis, and we have them in 5 different colors. We also have a Christmas Say It In Crystals set that is multicolored and so pretty. I can't wait to use these!

We also received the rest of the Baby 2 Bride and Times Nouveau papers that the company had left off our order. We were very pleased that they shipped it so quickly once we let them know they weren't in the shipment we initially received. These papers are selling FAST, and we only have a couple left of a few of the designs in the Times Nouveau collection.

We are expecting another Dreamweaver Stencils order to arrive any day now, with more fleur de lis stencils and embossing paste, along with other stencils. These products are flying out the door as fast as we put them out. The second class is already scheduled and on the calendar for June, and we will be creating cards using the shadowing technique and the piggyback technique. These are featured in the Dimensions in Cardmaking book that we are selling along with the rest of this company's products. But, of course, we will be using different stencils and making a different project from what is in the book. I think you'll love it! Sign up now, because these classes fill quickly. If you missed the first Embossing Paste class, I will be repeating it on Tuesday May 27th in Metairie at 6:00 PM. You have to call Emery to reserve your spot and prepay. You do NOT have to take the first Embossing Paste class in order to be able to take the second one, however, you would be missing out on really fun projects and different techniques if you do not attend the first one!

As always, if there is a product or technique that you wish to learn more about, please contact us to let us know and we can either try to put together a class with it or work one-on-one with you to help you, usually at no extra charge from what a class fee would be. We will do this in both stores. All you have to do is ASK!!!

I have had several people from Mississippi and the Pearl River area request that I do some day classes because they do not like driving so far to get home at night after the classes. If you are interested in DAY CLASSES, PLEASE e-mail me at to let me know which techniques or classes you are interested in and I will try to get some scheduled. These would have to be done on a Monday or Tuesday. Please send me some feedback on this, scrappers. I need to know what YOU want and need! Thanks!

We still have a couple openings in both stores for the Friday and Saturday night crops, so give us a call to reserve your spot if you'd like to come. If you bring someone new to scrapbooking to crop with you this weekend, you will BOTH receive 15% off your entire tab that night!!!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Graphic 45, DCWV, Marvy Uchida, Stampendous, Heritage Handcrafts, and More! DOUBLE STAMP DAY

We received the new Graphic 45 Papers. Of course, we got both complete collections, Times Nouveau and Baby 2 Bride. Check out their website to see what they look like by clicking the link above. These are gorgeous, double-sided, heavy cardstock-weight papers. We got them yesterday evening and people are scooping them up when they see them! Felix even made a sample layout, which is on display above the collection in the Mandeville store. It's beautiful!!!

Karen Foster's Father collection is in, papers and embellishments, just in time to make your Father's Day cards and to get in preparation for your layouts for your Father's Day pictures.

We also have the Karen Foster Outdoor Fun collection, with papers and embellishments. One of these papers is an adorable page with large ladybugs and a butterfly on it. So cute!

The Stampendous clear pails are in, in the quart and gallon sizes. Look for a class to be scheduled with these soon, even a kids' class!

The NEW Dot-n-Go Glue Dots dispensers are in!!! This was a Top Pick product at the CHA show recently. Glue Dots are wonderful for adhering embellishments, especially the heavier and bulkier ones, but can be annoying sometimes to try to get them onto your project without having to pick them off with your fingers. The problem with picking them off with your fingers is that the oils in your skin neutralizes the adhesive in the dots, and they end up not sticking as well as they should. Now, with this easy-to-use dispenser, you don't have to worry about that at all! And, they are priced just right so you can stick to your papercrafting budget!

Tim Holtz Grungeboard: Swirls and Harlequin, and Digits and Punctuation has also arrived, along with VersaFine inkpads and Big and Juicy inkpads. Re-stock of the StazOn Opaque Cotton White inkpad and re-inkers.

I found a NEW embossing paste and brass stencil company: Heritage Handcrafts. They call their paste "dimensional paints", but they are essentially the same. However, Paula, of Heritage Handcrafts, told me that these dimensional paints can be heated with a heat gun and the colors will stay irridescent and they become washable and stretchable, so you can use them on T-shirts!!! Isn't that fabulous?! I foresee a T-shirt class coming up soon!!! PLUS, they have these most excellent 4" round and 4"x4" Fleur de Lis stencils, and another large Fleur de Lis stencil that looks nothing like what we've had before. I'm working on having Felix put these on the website store. The 4"x4" square one is titled Fleur de Lis Tile, and I think would be fantastic on a tile as a coaster.

Felix placed an order for the NEW Marvy Uchida 3.5" Giga punches, which will be released in June. When I asked him which ones he got, he simply told me "All of them!" So, I'm pretty excited to get them, and I'm sure you will be too. It's hard to find a way to get larger shapes without using a Cricut or one of the other manual die-cutting machines. So much other stuff to buy, just to get the size shapes you need. Now you just buy the punch! Lots less to store or carry around.

Oh! I almost forgot--today we received the new Die Cuts With a View Nursery and Dog and Cat collections!!! These papers are heavy, cardstock-weight and most of them have glitter on them. The Nursery collection has a separate Boy and Girl sub-collection. One of the Nursery papers is a clothesline with tiny baby clothes hanging on it...TOO CUTE!!! The colors of the Nursery collection are, of course, pink and blue, but also purple, and these are in the lighter, more pastel shades. The Dog and Cat collections have all sorts of papers, lots of them with glitter, too, and there's one that's just glittered dog bones! There are also stripes, dots, and diagonals in all of these collections that will work for really ANY theme, if they match what you are working with. The stripes, dots and diagonals would make really nice cards, too, I think.

Well, I'm sure I'm forgetting something, so just stop by and check things out. Remember, Thursday, May 15, 2008 is DOUBLE STAMP day at both stores, so be sure to come by and stock up on the new stuff and receive DOUBLE STAMPS for it all!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Have you seen all the new Jolee's dimensional embellishments they just released? We got A LOT of them in today. To name a few: Tennis, Parasailing, Billiards, Wedding Dress, Groom's Tuxedo, Playground (too adorable!), 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Rock & Roll, Aquarium, Carnival, Park Fun, Gymnastics. If some of these sound like ones you've seen before, come in and get another look--these are NEW ones in similar themes.

We finally got in our Moxxie TEA PARTY paper and embellishment collection. For all you tea-drinkers out there, you have GOT to come get some of this! Very beautifully done in cream and pastels. This would also work perfectly for Mother/Daughter teas, as well as your visits to the Tea Rooms or for your daughters' My Little Tea Party events.

Moxxie's new Cruise collection is in, as well, different from most cruise papers. There are two papers with cruise wording on them, a beautiful blue paper with line drawings of cruise ships, and another red paper with nautical designs on it.

For you Disney Princess fans, we also got in a beautiful Princess Cameo Silhouette punch from Plaid.

Petaloo flowers are in, as well, in many different colors. We have the Double Daisy Layers in white, cream, orange, fuchsia, pink, pink with white polka dots, blue with white polka dots, black, red, and blue with white stars. There are even some Mickey flower collections, with black, red, white, and polka dots. The price on these is very affordable, and they are self-adhesive. They even include centers that are self-adhesive that you can use if you don't want to use a brad or button in the center.

We now have Duncan Enterprise's Liquid Fusion that works with paper, plastic, wood, and stone. This is a clear urethane glue.

K&Co.'s Chipboard Grand Adhesions are also in, in themes like Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Boy, Girl, Wedding, Rock Star, School Days, 4th of July, Summer Picnic, Sweet Birthday, Halloween, and Graduation. The Graduation set has a class ring with a HUGE rhinestone gem. It is REALLY cool-looking. Definitely an eye-catcher!

Magic Mesh in 19 different colors in the Fine Weave and Dottie Ann. This mesh is self-adhesive and very easy to work with. It is also repositionable!

Army, Navy, and Marine leather albums from K&Co. are also in.

Karen Foster Hunting, and In Loving Memory papers.

LOTS more metal and brass stencils from DreamWeaver Stencils, and a re-stock of the pastes and books. We also now have the mesh screen to use for the Faux Cross Stitch technique.

May Arts lace ribbon in 9 colors, and little Black Bats, Orange Pumpkins, White Ghosts, and Ivory Daisies. These are too cute to pass up, and VERY reasonably priced. You know, lace is the rage right now, and we have it in a rainbow of colors.

Scenic Route Self-Adhesive Cardstock Alphabets in 6 colors, Upper, Lower, and Mixed.

I completed one of those hybrid Chipboard/Acrylic Albums from Tinkering Ink. It is in the Mandeville store if you want to come check it out. We have 4 different styles of these albums, and what I LOVE about them is the fact that you can switch around the pages to put them in any order you desire, and then flip them over if you want the window at the top instead of the bottom, or vice versa. PLUS, ALL FOUR STYLES will work with each other, so you can mix and match different styles of these albums. You can make a truly unique album, with endless possibilities of ways to combine and rearrange these. Stop in today to see them. I'm sure you'll want a couple for yourself and to make as gift albums for friends or family.

I don't recall if I mentioned that we also got in Fancy Pants' Celebrate and Daydreams collections, including the 12" chipboard and transparencies.

We have restocked the Daisy D's Bambino sock monkey collection in both stores. Apparently EVERYBODY has had sock monkeys and had to have this collection! These papers are double-sided, cardstock weight, and absolutely adorable. We even have the chipboard embellishments and 8x8 paper packs to go with it. If you missed out on the first round, now's your chance to get some.

Of course, lots more great stuff is on the way. I'll let you know as it comes in.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time Flies!!!

Time flies, doesn't it? Here it is, almost National Scrapbook Day already. Are you prepared? The first Saturday of May is always National Scrapbook Day. We have crops planned at both stores. Felix will be hosting the Mandeville crop, and Emery and I will be hosting the Metairie crop. Felix tells me he will be enjoying a nice, quiet crop up there, but do you really see Felix QUIET??? Yeah, right! Wonder what he's got up his sleeve!

For the Metairie NSD crop, our theme is Good Old Fashioned Southern BBQ. We are having a recipe swap and making a 6x6 chipboard mini album with our recipes. We will have games, prizes, and giveaways, and TONS of fun!!! I'll be sure to upload lots of pics afterward so you can see all the craziness that goes on here during our crops!!!

Today we received several orders, some new, some re-stock. Of note, the Scor-Pals are in again for those of you who missed out the first time. Be watching for a class on using the Scor-Pal to be posted soon on the website calendar.

We also have the brand-new Peekaboo chipboard and acrylic albums in!!! Felix said they are fantastic (I wasn't there when they arrived), and I can't wait to get in tomorrow to make a sample with one! I'll see if we can get pics of it up real soon, too.

If you're in Metairie tomorrow (Wednesday), drop in on Felix and make sure he's behaving. I never know what to expect when he's down there alone!

The Embossing Paste classes are filling up, so if you've been thinking of signing up for it, NOW is the time! The classes are Tuesday May 6 @ 6PM in Metairie and Thursday May 8 @ 6PM in Mandeville. Cost is $25 and all supplies are included. You only need to bring your basic tools and adhesive (paper trimmer, scissors, ruler). If you have a favorite metal or brass stencil you want to try with the pastes, be sure and bring that too, but it's not a necessity. You do need to call and prepay to reserve your spot so we know how many kits to prepare.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sample Extravaganza

Felix and I had a blast today at the Sample Extravaganza! We made books, tags, cards, pages, and pails. I have to say that I think I had more fun today and learned more today in this one day than I ever did in a week at CHA! We ordered so many new things that we are sure you are going to adore, and we've already begun planning incredible classes with them, so stay tuned to the website calendar for updates.

One of the companies we worked with and ordered from was Tinkering Ink. We have all four styles of their fabulous Peekaboo Albums on the way! These albums are a mix of clear acrylic and chipboard, with windows and tabs. The pages can be flipped and mixed and matched between the styles, and basically put together the way YOU want them to be. One of my personal favorites is the chipboard page with the window in the tab itself, which is just fantastic, and oh-so-adorable!!! Wait 'til you see them!!!

There are a variety of flowers coming from Petaloo, along with magnetic chipboard tag cards, fairy paper dolls, butterfly cards, and Princess crowns. My favorite with this was It's Magic Mickey flowers that are black, red, and black and red with white polka dots to match our favorite Disney character. These will make your vacation pictures really stand out. Not too frilly, but still dressy and elegant. I loved them.

Clear pails in both the quart and gallon sizes from Stampendous are on the way!!! We found them very easy to work with, and I know we've had requests to get them in. You asked for them, you're going to get them!!!

Lots of other new items are on the way too, but I'm not sure exactly what they are. Felix had his own set of order forms and I have no clue what great stuff he ordered, but I know he ordered a bunch. I do know that everything we worked with today was not only fun and fantastic, but of excellent quality, as well. In all, we had a most wonderful day.

We will be driving home Monday, so the Mandeville store will be closed, but the Metairie store will be open as usual. We will see you on Tuesday.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

WHAT???!!! MORE STUFF???!!!

We have so many new lines and new items, it is overwhelming to try to begin listing them, but I'll try to give you an idea of what we just got in this past week or so.

Glitz - New designs of the Frosting and Icing, which are their lines of decorative rhinestones. Tiny round rhinestones in 12" strips, a large round rhinestone 12" strip paired with a tiny round rhinestone 12" strip, round "buttons" of rhinestones in several colors, arrows, words, etc. I think you get the idea. The main difference with this line is that these are MOLDABLE around different shapes, so you could outline just about anything with these rhinestone strips. AND, they pop apart so you don't have to worry about having to use up the entire strip at once. Just pop off what you need and save the rest or use elsewhere. Colors include clear, black, amber, pink, dark pink, red, light blue, dark blue, green, and pearl. A number of these sold while we were trying to put them into inventory and get them out on display, so hurry in to get yours before they're all gone!

Ranger - Complete line of Crackle Distress Paints, Dabber Acrylic Paints, and Stickles! (LOTS and LOTS of Stickles, in EVERY color!!!) Non-stick Craft sheets and Scrapers.

StazOn Inks - Several new colors, and refill bottles.

Queen and Co. - Felt fusion which is one-yard lengths of self-adhesive felt that is die-cut into different styles such as flowers, leaves, vines, butterflies/dragonflies, cars/trucks/planes, Easter eggs, trains, and baby blocks.

K and Co. - Wild Saffron line papers including flat printed papers, foil papers, glitter papers, and gorgeous matching embellishments. Berry Sweet line papers and matching embellishments. Happy Trails embellishments. Birthday, Boy Scouts, Military, Police, and Fireman papers and matching embellishments, including those gorgeous matching 3-D Grand Adhesions.

Sugartree - Tons of different themed papers, including lots of sports-themed papers and travel papers. Some include New York, England, China, Alaska, Italy, and France.

ProvoCraft - More Cricut Expressions and accessories.

Tonic Studios - Border strip tool for paper punches.

Creative Imaginations - New SeaWorld line of papers and matching embellishments, including the MOST adorable little penguin, shark, dolphin, and whale brads I have ever seen!!!

MyPagesTalk - More Speakin' Up! voice recorders.

Jolee's - There are so many new Jolee's dimensional stickers that I can't list them all. Wedding, travel, baby, BBQ, etc., etc., etc. You HAVE to see these new releases from Jolee's!!!

Doodlebug - More Sugar Paper that everybody's been waiting for!

LOTS of fantastic new brads. One is even an adorable little sign that says "Leprechaun Crossing"!!! Red ants, black ants, dog bones, etc.

DreamWeaver Stencils - Lots more of the Embossing Pastes in the metallics and colors, including new Matte Orange. New stencil designs, including a number of background stencils as well as vertical border stencils. We even got more of that really hot fleur-de-lis background stencil everybody is craving!!! Stencilling brushes in two sizes. More palette knives, and screens for the faux cross-stitching. More of the Silver and Gold Metallic Memories Mists.

Disney brass stencils - Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, and Tinkerbell.

FiberMark specialty papers in many different textures. You can use either side of these pages (they are different textures), sew or stitch on them, die cut them, tear them, emboss them, and stamp on them. They are very versatile and will really dress up your papercrafting projects. They are like nothing you've ever seen before!!!

Metallic and Pearlescent Specialty Papers in many different colors and styles. Pink, lavender, white, cream, ivory, platinum, silver, etc. Styles include pinstripes, waves, swirls, and frames.

Handmade papers in different colors and textures. Some printed ones from Nature's Garden.

More of the Coffee Collection, including the page that has the half-cup of coffee on it with the fleur-de-lis background, and matching ribbon.

Sock Monkey collection of double-sided, cardstock-weight printed papers and matching stickers and chipboard embellishments. We also have the 8x8 paper pads.

BasicGrey 6x6 paper pads (sorry, forgot the collections, but it's the new ones!!!). We're waiting on the rest of the line to come in (matching rub-ons and other embellishements).

Karen Foster - LOTS of new themes, with papers and matching embellishments. Destination stickers including Mexico, Canada, New York, and Las Vegas. Mother's Day stickers and papers.

I could go on and on, but I don't think I could ever remember everything. Let's just say we have totally new cool stuff that you more than likely have not seen here before. Just come in and browse and take it all in, and take some home to play with!!!

Felix and I will be in Birmingham this weekend for a Sample Extravaganza where we are introduced to new products and techniques. This will be a hands-on weekend where we will learn lots of new things and can order even MORE fantastic new products for you! The Mandeville store will close early on Saturday, April 12th (around 5PM or so) and will be closed all day Monday, April 14th, but the Metairie store will be open the usual hours of 10AM to 7PM Saturday and Monday. The Mandeville store will reopen at its usual time of 10AM on Tuesday.

NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY - SATURDAY, MAY 3rd: The Metairie store National Scrapbook Day Crop is full, but there may be a couple openings left for the crop at the Mandeville store. Call now to reserve your spot; the number is 985-624-3338.

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend, filled with lots of joy, laughter, happiness, and appreciation for those little things in life that are so often overlooked, but which make our lives so much brighter. Thank you all for making MY life brighter. I truly enjoy meeting and getting to know each and every one of you.

Until next time, happy scrapping!!!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Awesome Opening Day at Scrappersaurus Mandeville


All I can say about today is "AWESOME!!!" I truly am so appreciative of everyone's support and good wishes for our 2nd store, in Mandeville. So many people came in today, some that can't make it for Saturday's Grand Opening (April 5th--sorry I had the date wrong in the previous post), and some that wanted to see us on our first day and who will return again for all the festivities on Saturday. We had lots of visitors who have shopped with us before, some even coming in from the Warehouse District in New Orleans, and some who live on the Northshore but had made the trek across the bridge to shop with us in our Metairie store. Plus, we had lots of new customers that just wanted to check us out or had heard we were opening. We even had two croppers today, who were there even before we opened. Talk about scrapbook enthusiasts! We loved seeing each and every one of you today. Thanks for making our first day an absolutely fantastic one!

On this coming Saturday, April 5th, we will have our official Grand Opening celebration in our Mandeville store, from 10AM until Midnight. Yep, Midnight. Well, I actually hadn't planned on cropping on Saturday, being that I figured we'd be so busy with everything else, but SOME PEOPLE just HAD to come crop on that day!!! So, my arm was twisted and we are having a few people crop that day. If you don't mind squeezing in with the others, we probably can fit a few more people, so if you want to crop with us on this Saturday, CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!!! If you want, you can call and leave a message if we aren't open yet, and I'll put you down in the order of calling. Please tell me how many people will be with you, and leave me a contact phone number. The number to the Mandeville store is 985-624-3338.

On that same day, Saturday, April 5th, Emery will have great stuff for visitors in the Metairie store, too. He will have a raffle and some giveaways, and you will be able to come to both stores (if you don't mind the drive) and enter both raffles (for different prizes). Who knows, one person could win both raffles! You never know. But he won't be having a crop to Midnight on Saturday. Crops in Metairie are most Fridays, 10 AM to Midnight, and crops in Mandeville are most Saturdays, 10 AM to Midnight. If you're really a scrapaholic, sign up for both!

Have you seen the pics of the Mandeville store yet? Felix put them up late last night (like 1:30 AM or so!) and you can see me waving at him through the crop room window, on the right. Yes, that's a TREE behind me. The walls of this store were handpainted with all sorts of lovely things, and a papier mache tree was made in the middle of the scene, in the crop room. I don't know if you can see it in any of the pics, but the closet door in the crop room has the classic lion's head fountain scene. Very pretty. While I wanted it to be purple like my other stores have been, I simply couldn't paint over this great scenery. Even the floor is painted in the restroom. You'll have to come see it for yourself.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday to join in the fun. The food will arrive at 11 AM if that makes a difference to you. :) If you can't make it Saturday, come when you can.

Thank you all, again, for making today fabulous.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Monday, March 24, 2008

More New Orders In!!!

We received Queen & Co.'s Felt Fusion today. It is one yard of self-adhesive diecut felt each. There are Red Vehicles, Black Trains, Pink Baby Blocks, Blue Baby Blocks, Pink Easter Eggs, Green Vines, Pink Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Black Dragonflies, Black Scrolls, Orange Flowers, Purple Flowers, Red Flowers, Hot Pink Flowers, Yellow Flowers, Blue Flowers, Red Scrolls, Red Hearts, and Pink Hearts. These come in varying widths, and there are a couple different types of flowers.

We also have KI Memories Lace Cardstock in many different colors and styles. Hearts, flowers, etc. This is like diecut papers that you can layer or use as a background sheet or cut up and use in pieces. Very cool!

We also now have the entire collection of the Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paints and Paint Dabbers, and his texture hammer and grungeboard. He always comes up with the neatest stuff.

For those of you who are planning on attending our Grand Opening of our Mandeville store on Saturday, April 2nd, you are in for a TREAT!!! We have lots of great giveaways from fabulous companies like Creative Imaginations, Colorbok, and Crafter's Workshop, to name just a few. We will have a goodie bag for every person that comes in and shops that day, and I'm sure it will be well worth the trip. Remember, the store in Mandeville is a little over 1,000 square feet larger than our store in Metairie, so while it will have just about everything the Metairie store has, it will also have lots more!!! We are very excited, and can't wait to open!!!

Felix and I will be in Mandeville Tuesday, stocking the store with product and arranging things properly. If you need us, we're just a call away, at 985-624-3338. Emery will be in Metairie, and I'm sure he can help you as well as we can (he's an EXCELLENT papercrafter and extremely knowledgeable about craft products, tools, and techniques). The Metairie store number is 504-301-1081. Please don't ever hesitate to call if you get stuck on something or want to know more about a product or technique. THAT'S WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR!!!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Stickles have finally arrived!!! And LOTS of them!!! We have all 32 colors of Stickles in stock now, so come on by and get them while they last. For those of you who have pre-paid and
requested them, they are already on hold for you.

Emery said we received four orders today, Ranger and SEI being two of them. I'm sure Felix will send out a post tomorrow letting you know specific items, but I DO know the Stickles came in!

I spent the ENTIRE day working on our Bazzill cardstock display in Mandeville. It got to the point where I couldn't tell one color from another, so I had to call it a day! But it looks really nice, and I'm sure you'll like it. The colors are arranged in ROYGBIV order (the colors of the rainbow) and you should have no problem matching things up. Tomorrow Felix and I will be in Metairie, and Felix will finish putting out the rest of the orders we got in today.

Emery said we got a lot of out-of-town callers today asking if we will be open on Good Friday (this coming Friday). And, YES, we will be open on Good Friday, regular hours of 10 AM to 7 PM. Actually, we'll be there cropping, too, until at least Midnight, so if you can't make it before 7 PM, at least try to make it before Midnight!

We have great plans for National Scrapbook Day already in the works. We will be wrapping up the details this week and I will post them Saturday, so stay tuned. Remember, National Scrapbook Day is the first Saturday in May, which is May 3rd this year. The theme will be Good, Old-Fashioned Barbecue!!! Contests and giveaways, and LOTS of food are planned!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Mandeville Store Contact Info

The phone number for the Mandeville store is 985-624-3338. The address is 4350 Hwy. 22, Suite J, Mandeville, LA 70471. We will open on Wednesday, April 2nd, and the Grand Opening will be Saturday, April 5th.

The Mandeville store is coming along so well! Things are moving very swiftly, and we have even had a bunch of customers, even though they know we are not open yet! It's so great to know that so many of you are really looking forward to our opening up here. We are too!

We received 5 orders today! Whew!

Our Dreamweaver Stencils and Embossing Pastes are now back in stock!!! We have the following stencils: Heart Lock & Key, Small Fleur de Lis, Vertical Butterflies, Party Lanterns, Easter Eggs Border, Tulips, and Fleur de Lis Background. Embossing pastes are Silver, Glossy White, Metallic Gold, Pearlescent, Matte Yellow, Gloss Blue, and the Regular Embossing Paste. We also got in more of the Bright Gold Memories Mist and the Sterling Silver Memories Mist. This company has absolutely fabulous products that produce outstanding results. Stop in today to see samples and pick up some for yourself.

Lasercut Designs sent more overlays: Disney, Seaworld, Caribbean Cruise, Boys will be Boys.

Disney embellishments, birthday embellishments, Fleur de Lis diecuts from Paper House Productions. All kinds of great stuff!

Have a great week!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mandeville Store Grand Opening Date Scheduled!!!

Well, it's official now!!! We will open the Mandeville store on Wednesday, April 2nd, and our Grand Opening will be Saturday, April 5th!!! Doors open at 10 AM!!! Felix and I have already begun arranging things in the new store, and our phones should be turned on this coming Monday. I'll post the phone number as soon as AT&T gives us the go-ahead on our new numbers. We are SO EXCITED!!! We even had a customer today while we were there, but we didn't have anything unpacked yet, so she said she'll be back on April 2nd!

In Metairie, we got in our new Karen Foster Design order. Paper and embellishment collections include Braces/Orthodontist/Dentist, Beach, Water Park, Family Ancestry, New Baby, Baby's First Year, Amusement Park.

From Croppin' Cutie we got in the Mama Scrap Cans, and now also have the Snack N Scraps, too. These contain a flip-down snack tray that conveniently turns your rolling craft tote into a mini dining table. The bottom cooler compartment holds 3 cans of your favorite beverage. It keeps food chilled while crafting on the go. The top compartment has mesh pockets inside to hold snacks. The inside loop holds beverages in place to keep from spilling. Velco flaps securely attach the Snack N Scrap to the handle of any rolling tote. There is also a handle for lunchbox-style carrying. It measures approximately 14" x 10". These are TOO cute!!!

We have more Cricut cutting mats in, in all 3 sizes (12x24, 12x12, and 6x12), along with Cricut replacement blades and Cricut Trimmer replacement blades.

We got more collections in from Best Creations, the line that has the glitter that doesn't come off the page. Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Birthday, Pirate, and a few others. We also have the most awesome adhesive ribbon in the shape of TULIPS!!! These would look fantastic as borders on a card or page. They are 12" long, and there are several different colors included in one package. These are perfect for your Easter or Spring layouts or cards, in bright colors and, of course, they match the Easter and Birthday collections.

Cricut cutting mats can be a pain in the neck, for exact opposite reasons. They are either too sticky and your paper is extremely difficult to get off the mat, or they wear out very easily and the paper doesn't stick to it enough to hold it in place while being cut. The solution to both problems is actually very simple. When the mat is new and very sticky, you can diminish the stickiness some by taking a clean soft cloth and blotting it gently on the mat. Some of the fibers from the cloth will adhere to the mat and it will be less sticky. Then, you can use the Cricut Spatula to slide your shapes off the mat with ease. When the mat has lost too much of it's stickiness, if it is still in good shape and does not have a lot of gouges or slices in it, you can still use it by adhering your paper to be cut to the mat with REPOSITIONABLE adhesive. The Kokuyo Dot N Roller works perfectly on this. You don't need to coat the entire back of it, just enough to adhere the edges down good. After you cut your images and remove everything, just use your finger and ROLL the adhesive dots off the paper. Simple, isn't it? If you have any questions while trying these tips, please feel free to give us a call and we'll help you out.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Glitz and Best Creations

Best Creations and Glitz orders arrived today!!! The Best Creations order was mainly paper, but what FANTASTIC papers they are! These papers have a light dusting of glitter in just the right spots, with a clear coating over the glittered areas so the glitter doesn't come off. Themes include billiards (of course!), Easter (too adorable!), love/sweetheart, winter, graduation (very classy), travel, beach, and a couple others I can't recall at this late hour. There were also very cute Easter stickers and Beach stickers.

The Glitz order included paper collections and Frosting. The Frosting is 12" long borders of square-shaped gems in 7 different colors. Although these can be used as borders, they can also be shaped around images and are moldable. They also break off at whatever point you need them to so you don't end up wasting anything and you don't have to worry about cutting through the sticker part of it. It just pops off. We also got swirly arrows in clear round gems, and these are really nice.

I've added more to the 50% off Sale Table, since I had to make space for the new papers and all. If you haven't made it by, you need to come check out the great stuff we have on sale.

We have scheduled another Cricut Class for Saturday March 29th at 1:00 PM. The cost is $35.00. I will show you how to operate your Cricut (original or Expression), and also go over the software available for it and the different things you can do with the software that you can't do with just the Cricut itself. I have had so many people tell me that they purchased a Cricut but have never even taken it out of the box because they feel intimidated by it. It really is easy to work with, and when you come to the class, I'll show you several exciting things you can do with it.

We are moving forward with the store in Mandeville, and hope to have a Grand Opening date for you soon. We are VERY excited!!!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

NEW!!! Fleur de Lis Wax Seals!!!

More BIG BITE CROP-A-DILES are in!!! Also, more large Store-N-Spins in plum and black, plum and silver (gorgeous!), and black and green. We also now have quite a large assortment of new Jolee's wedding stickers for all of you new brides, brides-to-be, and friends and family doing wedding layouts. Very creative and adorable, in just about every situation dealing with a wedding, including the Proposal!!! And by your special requests, we also now have Adoption embellishments for all of you who have asked for these.

Apple Pie Memories clear acrylic stamping blocks also came in, in many different sizes and styles. Round ones with finger grips, square and rectangular ones with finger grips, and also the long ones to use for borders and alphabets.

However, my favorite new item that came in today were the fleur de lis and comedy/tragedy mask wax seal impressions and wax in silver and gold!!! When I found these at CHA I was so excited!!! So many people come in looking for seals for their invitations, and I thought these would be PERFECT!!! If you haven't worked with wax seals, come in and I'll show you how to make them. They are very simple to do, yet so elegant. They can also be used on cards and layouts, and make unique embellishments, and you can use pigment ink to color in the impression and make it really sparkle. Beautiful!

The CASES for the Big Bite Crop-A-Dile should arrive tomorrow (according to the tracking information), and the Suzi Scrapper monkeys!!!

We will be vendors for Scrap'N On The River in Natchez, Mississippi July 24th, 25th, and 26th. We have registration forms in the store, or you can go to and register directly on their website. The entire weekend (3 days) is only $110, or a single day is $40. Right now we are the only listed vendor other than the food vendor, but there will be 3 more scrapbook store vendors and I believe a few independent reps. This crop, to me, is one of the ones you don't want to miss. It has maybe 300 attendants usually, and the door prizes and giveaways are always EXCELLENT!!! Pam Frank really does a great job of putting this show together, and she and her family work very hard to see to it EVERYone has a fantastic time (Just like all the events we attend!). We are taking pre-orders for the Kokuyo Dot'N'Roller and Tape'N'Roller adhesive refills to make sure we don't run out while at the show. Remember, we have the case special where you purchase 10 but only pay for 8!!! And, you can mix and match the permanent and repositionable in a case, as well as the Tape'N'Roller and Dot'N'Roller, so if you like to use both, you can still get the discount and not have to buy two (or four!) cases!!!

I placed a REALLY big Bazzill order today, and worked really hard to make sure the new papers we got in from CHA will have matching cardstock. I'll let you know as soon as it all comes in.

And, you should see what Felix and Emery put in the 50% off sale!!! We'll continue the sale as long as we are getting new products in and need to make more space to put new items out. Every day the selections change, so you'll want to stop in often to see what we've added.

Until next time, happy scrapping!