Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Snowing at Scrappersaurus!!!

Brrrr!!!! Yes, it's really SNOWING down here in Louisiana! I've got some awesome pics of my house, my dogs, the neighborhood, neighbors, and even Felix out in the snow! I can't wait to scrap these! Finally I get to use the scrapbook paper with snowflakes on them! LOL!

Some sad news, too. Scrappersaurus Metairie will be closing it's doors on December 27, 2008 at 6:00 PM. Unfortunately, due to this crazy economy, having two stores is just not a viable option for us right now. We are hoping that things change soon and that we will be able to reopen on the Southshore once again, but there's no way to tell the future, and especially not down here in Southern Louisiana post-Katrina. We want to thank each and every one of you who have shopped and visited with us since we first opened on the Southshore in 2004, pre-Katrina. We have enjoyed your company and have had wonderful times with you all. We are hoping you will still come up and visit us in the Northshore store in Mandeville, and continue to shop with us online. Felix is working feverishly to put more and more on the webstore, and we're aiming to have pretty much everything that is available in the store on the website. Remember you can always call or e-mail us with ANY request for ANY crafting item. It doesn't have to be on the webstore. If we don't have it in stock currently, we will do everything possible to get it in for you, at the best price available. We order every week or every other week from two different distributors who have literally thousands of manufacturers' products available, and they are both very quick to ship so we would have your order in, in 3-5 business days (providing it is in stock with them). We do our absolute best to meet or beat any advertised price, however, we ask you to please understand that there are some places out there that purchase in such a large volume that they can actually sell some items for less than what we can buy it wholesale. This is unfortunate for ALL independent retailers that the larger companies do this. It makes us a dying breed, and we all work very, very hard to bring you all the best products available and educate you in their proper usage. We also support our products we sell 100% for the entire time you have it. We are papercrafters ourselves, and if we come across a product we feel is not up to our standards, we do not offer it for sale. The things we sell, we actually use ourselves, and because of this, we can teach you many different uses for that product, sometimes different from what the original manufacturer may have intended it for. Please continue to give us your feedback, and if there is anything that you wish to see in our store, send us an e-mail, give us a call, or send us a link if it's something online, and we'll do what we can to offer it to everyone. We've had a number of customers do this, and because of this we've gotten in some pretty fantastic products. That's what I call communication (and a true Scrappersaurus fan!).

Stay warm, and stay tuned. We're working hard to make Scrappersaurus your best and first choice for crafting products.

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!



  1. It's snowing in Bogalusa too! I can't wait to use my Snow paper. I was home alone and couldn't find any gloves anywhere to make a snowman but I got some great photot. Love your photo. Can't wait to see Felix in the snow. LOL