Thursday, April 3, 2008

Awesome Opening Day at Scrappersaurus Mandeville


All I can say about today is "AWESOME!!!" I truly am so appreciative of everyone's support and good wishes for our 2nd store, in Mandeville. So many people came in today, some that can't make it for Saturday's Grand Opening (April 5th--sorry I had the date wrong in the previous post), and some that wanted to see us on our first day and who will return again for all the festivities on Saturday. We had lots of visitors who have shopped with us before, some even coming in from the Warehouse District in New Orleans, and some who live on the Northshore but had made the trek across the bridge to shop with us in our Metairie store. Plus, we had lots of new customers that just wanted to check us out or had heard we were opening. We even had two croppers today, who were there even before we opened. Talk about scrapbook enthusiasts! We loved seeing each and every one of you today. Thanks for making our first day an absolutely fantastic one!

On this coming Saturday, April 5th, we will have our official Grand Opening celebration in our Mandeville store, from 10AM until Midnight. Yep, Midnight. Well, I actually hadn't planned on cropping on Saturday, being that I figured we'd be so busy with everything else, but SOME PEOPLE just HAD to come crop on that day!!! So, my arm was twisted and we are having a few people crop that day. If you don't mind squeezing in with the others, we probably can fit a few more people, so if you want to crop with us on this Saturday, CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!!! If you want, you can call and leave a message if we aren't open yet, and I'll put you down in the order of calling. Please tell me how many people will be with you, and leave me a contact phone number. The number to the Mandeville store is 985-624-3338.

On that same day, Saturday, April 5th, Emery will have great stuff for visitors in the Metairie store, too. He will have a raffle and some giveaways, and you will be able to come to both stores (if you don't mind the drive) and enter both raffles (for different prizes). Who knows, one person could win both raffles! You never know. But he won't be having a crop to Midnight on Saturday. Crops in Metairie are most Fridays, 10 AM to Midnight, and crops in Mandeville are most Saturdays, 10 AM to Midnight. If you're really a scrapaholic, sign up for both!

Have you seen the pics of the Mandeville store yet? Felix put them up late last night (like 1:30 AM or so!) and you can see me waving at him through the crop room window, on the right. Yes, that's a TREE behind me. The walls of this store were handpainted with all sorts of lovely things, and a papier mache tree was made in the middle of the scene, in the crop room. I don't know if you can see it in any of the pics, but the closet door in the crop room has the classic lion's head fountain scene. Very pretty. While I wanted it to be purple like my other stores have been, I simply couldn't paint over this great scenery. Even the floor is painted in the restroom. You'll have to come see it for yourself.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday to join in the fun. The food will arrive at 11 AM if that makes a difference to you. :) If you can't make it Saturday, come when you can.

Thank you all, again, for making today fabulous.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


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