Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History in the Making!!! What a Scrapbooking Opportunity!!!

Greetings, All!!!

As we all have seen by now, Barack Obama will be our 44th President of the United States. Whether we voted for him or another person, he has won, and will be the United States' first biracial president. Folks, this is history in the making!!! I encourage you to save your newspapers that you get today and in the coming weeks, and create scrapbook pages with them. Remember to scan them first so they won't turn brittle and yellow and deteriorate in your albums, though! Your children and your children's children, and many more to follow will appreciate your doing this. Remember to record your thoughts on his making presidency, as well as any other thoughts you may have of current events--political, cultural, social--whatever. And if you do not have children or other family members to pass your albums on to, please remember that libraries jump at the chance to get scrapbooks, journals, and diaries, as these all include what was happening in the world at the time these books were created--not just the person's personal events.

Looking back at some scrapbooks I have created, I can see so many things that no longer exist, as well as recall events I have lived through that I may not have thought important at the time, but which played out to be a major occurrence in history. My actual very first scrapbook was of current events, and was a school project requirement by my Social Studies teacher. That scrapbook has newspaper clippings in it of topics from the gas lines (at that time the gasoline had skyrocketed and there were literally lines around the block of people waiting to fill up because they thought there would be a shortage), to "new" laws for child abusers, to events that were occurring involving President Richard Nixon. At the time of creating that book, I thought it was stupid to put things like that in it, but now I am so thrilled that I did. It not only put the bug of scrapbooking into me, but taught me to appreciate that life changes in a breath's time, and that I am living in history, in everything that I do. I thank that teacher for giving me that assignment, and just wish back then we knew about Archival Mist and acid-free adhesive runners!

So, go make your own history book. And make it personal. Include your thoughts and ideas on what's happening in our world today, as well as how things you include in your book affect your life as an individual. Twenty years from now, you'll thank me.

Have a great day! Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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  1. great idea on making a local / national history scrapbook to pass down to libraries / geneologists.