Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chris!

November 1 is Chris G.'s birthday!!! Chris is on our Design Team, and you can read her bio on our website in the Design Team section, or view her profile under our Follower feature here on this blog. She's an integral part of our team, and was actually even a customer when we opened our first store, pre-Katrina. She's truly a member of our family, and we miss her being here to share time with. She is a traveling Occupational Therapist, and I believe she thoroughly enjoys that lifestyle right now. She just transferred back to D.C., where she has family. Today when I spoke to her, she told me how beautiful the turning leaves are...I'm so jealous! We're hoping she'll get a chance to come back into town early next year. She treated me to the most wonderful Tea in Covington when she was here last, the week before Scrap'N On the River. We share a lot of similar likes (and dislikes!), and a lot of similar childhood experiences. She's very special to us, and I love her dearly. Please join me in sending her well-wishes for another wonderful year.

We cropped tonight in Mandeville, until 3:45 AM!!! We had a wonderful time, and us gals were really cutting up once Felix went home. I sent him home early so we could play, and play we did! We left Felix a nice surprise for when he comes back in. You know how much he loves to play jokes on people and, well, this one will be a doozie, but for HIM! He may think twice about leaving me to my own devices with a crop room full of people again!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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  1. Thanks for sharing my birthday celebration with everyone! I had a great weekend and yes, the leaves seem to get more beautiful everyday here in DC. I miss NOLA lots and especially my scrapbooking family at Scrappersaurus! And yes I am still trying to get home in early 2009.