Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dreamweaver Stencils / New "Follower" Feature / Crop Celebration Event

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lynell Harlow, creator of the Dreamweaver Stencils Embossing Pastes (and stencils!) that you all know and love. I had the occasion to call her because a customer came in asking if she could use the embossing pastes on fabric. Guess what Lynell told me? YOU CAN!!! She gave me the specifics of how to go about doing this, and what you need to do in order to be able to WASH it, even (in the washing machine)! So--now that I've teased you with this little gem of info, I'm off to design something fantastic with the embossing pastes on fabric, and put together a class for you. Of course, I will be doing the class in both locations, Northshore and Southshore, for my fabulous customers on BOTH sides of the Lake!!! I'll have Felix update the website calendar as soon as the project is completed, and have him send out a post via our Yahoo! Group. BTW, if you aren't already a member of our Yahoo! Group, please go to our website and click the link on the front page to become a member. That way you'll be sure to get updates of when new product is in, any specials we are running, all the workshops we host, and events we attend.

Also, speaking of the Dreamweaver Embossing Pastes and Stencils... Lynell did mention to me that we are the ONLY retailer for these beauties in the entire state of Louisiana! How about THAT?! You know, it makes us feel really good to know we are the first to bring our fantastic customers fantastic new products and techniques. So, stay tuned... you never know what we'll come across, or when!

On another note, there's a new "Follower" feature on this Blog, now. You can find it on the right side of the page when you log on. Please sign up as a Follower. We want to know who our loyal customers are, and we want you to let others know you are a proud fan of ours!

Lastly (and I'm trying to be brief here because Gina said my posts are too long!), I spoke with Regina of Crop Celebration. They have another crop planned for the last week of February 2009, and we will again be a vendor. Stay tuned for more info, and we'll have the flyers out in the stores shortly. (Love you, Gina!)

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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  1. Hi Dee! It was great to chat with you today! Thanks for letting me know about the "follower feature" on your blog. I miss ya'll lots!