Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Stickles have finally arrived!!! And LOTS of them!!! We have all 32 colors of Stickles in stock now, so come on by and get them while they last. For those of you who have pre-paid and
requested them, they are already on hold for you.

Emery said we received four orders today, Ranger and SEI being two of them. I'm sure Felix will send out a post tomorrow letting you know specific items, but I DO know the Stickles came in!

I spent the ENTIRE day working on our Bazzill cardstock display in Mandeville. It got to the point where I couldn't tell one color from another, so I had to call it a day! But it looks really nice, and I'm sure you'll like it. The colors are arranged in ROYGBIV order (the colors of the rainbow) and you should have no problem matching things up. Tomorrow Felix and I will be in Metairie, and Felix will finish putting out the rest of the orders we got in today.

Emery said we got a lot of out-of-town callers today asking if we will be open on Good Friday (this coming Friday). And, YES, we will be open on Good Friday, regular hours of 10 AM to 7 PM. Actually, we'll be there cropping, too, until at least Midnight, so if you can't make it before 7 PM, at least try to make it before Midnight!

We have great plans for National Scrapbook Day already in the works. We will be wrapping up the details this week and I will post them Saturday, so stay tuned. Remember, National Scrapbook Day is the first Saturday in May, which is May 3rd this year. The theme will be Good, Old-Fashioned Barbecue!!! Contests and giveaways, and LOTS of food are planned!

Until next time, happy scrapping!


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