Sunday, February 28, 2010

Always something new at Scrappersaurus!

Well, what can I say? Felix just has to have his hands into everything, including my blog, you know?! LOL!!!

Anyway, he's right--we're constantly adding to the website. We have a goal of putting at least 5 NEW items on the webstore DAILY now, and I'm going to do my absolute best to give you at least WEEKLY UPDATES to the TIPS & TECHNIQUES section. Felix has already gone to bed for the night (yeah, I'm a late-night owl) and so I can't put the newest one on--I'll have him put it on tomorrow evening. It'll be ALL ABOUT RUB-ONS!!! How to pick them, how to tell if they're fresh, how to store them, how to get them to transfer perfectly... Lots of people talk about rub-ons, and I hear so much frustration from customers because they simply don't know all the ins-and-outs of rub-ons. Well, that mystery will be totally solved tomorrow, so STAY TUNED!!! After the new tip, you'll be a RUB-ON EXPERT!!!

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a new orthopaedic surgeon. He actually did surgery on my brother-in-law here in Texas, so I want to see what he has to say about my case. I'm kind of nervous, as you can expect. I do NOT want to have to have surgery if I don't have to, but I'm thinking that may be the only route I have available to me at this point. If you're a praying person, please keep me in your prayers. And just so you all know--I am a praying person, and I pray for ALL of you, daily. I still remember all my customers, their family, health (and sometimes even financial) situations, and I am constantly talking to God about y'all, praying for your good health and a happy life. I might forget a lot of things, but to me, my customers are the one thing I won't ever forget. So many wonderful people have been brought into my life via this business, and I will always pray for you. And I sincerely thank those of you who pray for us, too.

Tomorrow evening you can also look for MORE Pirate, Casino and Sweetheart papers, and I'm working on putting up all the Military, Patriotic, and Service People's papers and embellishments. We have tons of those, and I want to be sure to get them up as soon as I can.

The webstore is a neverending task, because there's always new stuff being released and new products arriving, and so there will always be new goodies going on the webstore. If it isn't new to this current season's releases, it may still be new to you, so be sure to check the webstore frequently.

We will be re-starting the Layout of the Month Club and Card of the Month Club again in a few weeks, and we'll post and blog about it again when everything's ready.

We're also going to be doing Video Classes soon, in about another 6 weeks. I have one of the Design Team members working on that right now, and will let you know when those start up.

In all, we're pretty excited here at Scrappersaurus. We have lots of great things planned, and we hope you'll continue to watch us grow. As usual, any comments or suggestions to improve what we're doing are ALWAYS welcome, so please feel free to email us or just pick up the phone and call us to discuss whatever's on your mind. YOU may have the next best idea for us to share with everyone, and we want to hear about what you're thinking.

I hope you all have a most wonderful week!

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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