Friday, February 26, 2010

What's New?

What is better than purple, green, and gold specialty scrapbook paper? Purple, Green, and GOLD SELF-ADHESIVE specialty scrapbook paper!

Great find from Stamping Station, just added to the website!!

12x12 SHEETS of Mardi Gras Purple, Green and Gold! Peel off the backing and it is STICKY! lol.. Cool.. no? yes! :)

Also, lots of new papers added to website, Dee is working me like a DOG over here! (yep, its Felix in case you haven't already guessed by all the typos and the misspellings.. :)) Dee is busy putting kits together for future sale, so I got the honor of posting on the blog tonight. :) Go me.. go me..

Remember, the SAINTS coupon code ends on March 1st! So many people have taken advantage of this great sale, don't miss it!

We also want to personally thank each and everyone ONE of you attending that crop this weekend! The sales have been THROUGH the roof so to speak, and we truly appreciate it. Miss you all! :)


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