Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remembering Senator Kennedy & New Products

I don't normally talk about political things in this blog, but I just wanted to pay respect to the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. His list of accomplishments that are well-known to most of the world is long, but there is another one that many do not know of. He was a real person, and helped real people. I know firsthand, because he helped ME. About 25 or so years ago, I was having an extremely difficult time getting assistance for my son--who was born with an extremely rare condition--and kept getting the runaround, instead of help. Every agency I turned to, it seemed, wanted to pass me off to another agency, and nobody wanted to help us. After much frustration and many tears, I wrote to Senator Kennedy's office, and they personally called me to speak with me and see what our needs were, and to see how they could help. They said the Senator felt it important that my son get the assistance he rightly deserved and so badly needed, and so they were calling to find out more details to see what they could do. With their help and knowledge of different agencies and departments, they were instrumental in putting me in touch with the right people at the right time, and I was finally able to get my son the medical assistance he needed in order to thrive and grow into the wonderful, self-sufficient and independent person he is today. Without Senator Kennedy's assistance, I doubt I would have found the people I needed on my own. So, thank you, Senator Kennedy and staff, for helping me to obtain the assistance I needed that allowed my son to grow up to be the wonderful, independent person he is today. It is greatly, greatly appreciated!

Now, for Scrappersaurus news...

We have new LSU Chipboard Albums in, along with more Bourbon Street and New Orleans Chipboard Albums. We have a new shipment of all sizes of red line tape, Glue Dots in all different sizes and types--including the Dot N Go dispensers, and the Pioneer Glue Sticks (the ONLY glue stick we recommend or sell). We also now have Long-Reach Button Punches, and are awaiting a backorder of the Long-Reach Ribbon Punches--you may, however, place a preorder for those.

Speaking of preorders, we are taking preorder and prepayment for the new ProvoCraft Cricut Gypsy, which is a handheld version of the Design Studio software that you just take with you to crops with your Cricut instead of dragging your laptop around, too. The Gypsy looks kind of like a palm pilot and is getting rave reviews. Please e-mail us ( or call us (504-258-1718) to place your order TODAY because trust me, there's going to be a BIG rush on these!!! To see it and get a better idea of whether or not it will work for you, go to this link:

We want to thank all of you who are continuing to support us through your online and phone and e-mail orders with us. We love you too!!!

Remember that we have the new Tips & Techniques section on the website, and if you don't see it when you go to the website, you may need to refresh your bookmark to get to the updated website. If you have difficulty doing this, please just give us a call or e-mail us, and we can walk you through it. We want you to be able to see all the hard work we've been putting in lately!

Until next time,

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!


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