Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Bling Sale / National Scrapbook Day 2009 / Workshop Updates

Hey guys! I know it's been a long while since I've blogged and honestly I don't know where to begin... There's been so much going on at the store and with my family and in my personal life that I really haven't had the time or energy to blog. Sorry! I'm thinking I'll make it up to you with what I am going to call the Spring Bling Sale. EVERYTHING bling in the store (gems, brads, bling words, even Bling cardstock) will be 40% off, for the rest of the month of March. No coupon needed, and no coupons or other discounts accepted. And, no Scrappz cards redeemed for this sale nor Scrappz stamps given on the bling sale itself. You have to play fair!

People are already asking about National Scrapbook Day, which will be on Saturday, May 2nd. Of course we will be having our usual fun-filled day of celebration of our wonderful hobby. I'm not certain just how much actual "scrapbooking" will be accomplished, but you know lots of excitement will be happening! We will soon be releasing the details of this year's theme and contests we will be holding, so stay tuned to your e-mails or the blog. Last year we did a wonderful recipe swap that everybody adored. Apparently y'all love swaps, so we're going to give you a FANTASTIC one this year!!! Don't ask yet, because it's still a secret, but you will have time to get everything together and have it ready for NSD 2009! Plus, we'll be offering some discounts and incentives to help you along with the fun (hint: bling sale...shhh)! We also have some very special people coming into town to help our celebration, and honestly I'm not quite sure yet how we're going to fit everyone in the crop room, but I have a few ideas I'm working on. As soon as everything's set in stone, I'll let you know how it will work. PLEASE call or e-mail ASAP if you want to be in on this year's celebration. We will, of course, have the event catered as well as pot-luck (the mix is what makes it!) and have contests, prizes, games, and goodies for everybody. No one will go home empty-handed, we promise! We will challenge you in your craft like you've not been challenged before, and we know you'll LOVE IT!!! I'm really excited about it, and you know, May 2nd is only six (6) weeks away!!! So, get ready!

We have lots of classes already posted on the calendar, and there have been a couple of things rescheduled, so please check the calendar to make sure you have the latest info. Definitely remember to check the website calendar before you come in to shop because we sometimes have unadvertised sales or specials that you can only see in the calendar for that day, and you don't get the sale price or special offer unless you mention you saw it posted on the calendar.

In particular, we are now offering Home Decor project workshops using the Cricut. We have an absolutely stunning project scheduled for the first one, an etched glass frame that you will learn how to make yourself. Once you learn the technique and what products to purchase from us to do more, there's no limit to the possibilities of what you can do. Heather (our teacher for these workshops) will show you exactly what you need to know and do to create your own gorgeous home decoration projects and ways to decorate other things using your Cricut. And, if you don't already own a Cricut, we do sell them and even offer a very reasonable and affordable Lay-Away plan. We carry all the Cricut products, and support your purchase here 100%. Let us know what we can get for you. PLUS, we RENT CRICUT CARTRIDGES for $5.00 for three days. That's a lot of cutting for a very little amount of money! OR... you can come and use OUR Cricut here while you are cropping at the store. We only ask that you supply your own mat (which we do sell) because mats are considered consumables.

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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  1. Hi Dee, just read the blog! Great seeing you and Emery today. See you Saturday.