Saturday, March 21, 2009

March is National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month!!!

This is the one month out of the year that we try extra-hard to set aside some time to craft with our families at least once a week. Crafting with your family helps you to learn to work together as a group, and also allows for increased self-confidence through self-expression. When a family crafts something together, they work towards a common goal, and every person's input is important, regardless of what specific tasks they have to complete to reach that goal. Everyone learns how important even the "little" stuff is, and feels satisfaction knowing they contributed to the end result. You don't have to put together a scrapbook album. You could make lawn or garden signs or stakes. Or a bird house. Or paint pottery. Or make a macrame hanging plant holder.

Learning to work with other people is extremely important in today's society, and while crafting might be overlooked by some as just a "leisure" activity, it is actually an excellent way to learn how to be a part of a team effort. It also allows us to see a different side of our family members, and find out just how creative they can be. And creativity is not just the ability to paint a beautiful portrait or make an Origami bird... it is also in problem-solving, learning to prioritize steps required to make something, and coordinate individuals' efforts to come to a common goal. And it gives us a chance to relax a bit and really enjoy time with our families doing something we know will mean more to us when it is completed simply because of the efforts that went into it, than what the final product will function as. Every time you look at something you have crafted with your family, you will be able to recall all the different steps it took for that project to be completed, and for it to look and function the way it does. And it will make you smile, remembering the laughter and learning along the way.

And, because most of you ARE papercrafters and photographers, remember to TAKE PICTURES while you're doing it! You could even do a mini-album on your projects for National Craft Month! There are papers and embellishments that would go with crafting, should you decide to do that. Ask us if you don't see them, and we'll point them out to you. We'll even help you make that mini-book, if you want to make your own, with whatever number of pages necessary. So many little time...!!!

We have new products in the store that arrived today: BO-BUNNY's Grease Monkey and Pet Shop collections. If you click on the following two links or paste them into your browser, you'll be able to see the collections and a sample layout done with each of them, on the BO-BUNNY website: and We also received in new brads: pink bunnies, pastel Easter eggs, green frogs, white snowflakes, blue snowflakes, tan pawprints, black pawprints, and blue airplanes. These are in addition to the new brads Felix posted about last week.

Spring Bling Sale is through the end of March 2009! EVERYTHING bling is on sale 40% off (bling gemstones, bling words, bling brads, and Bazzill Bling cardstock).

NSD signups have begun... are YOU signed up???

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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