Thursday, March 26, 2009

National Scrapbook Day Theme Revealed: Bling It On!!!

Alright, I know you've all been wondering what exactly we have up our sleeves, so to speak, for National Scrapbook Day. Well, here it is: BLING IT ON!!! We will be having a most awesome BLING SWAP, and every person who signs up will receive a "Glass Slipper" and special sash to decorate according to whatever theme they have been given (randomly). On National Scrapbook Day, the decorated sashes will be worn, and after we have our Glass Slipper Swap, we'll all vote for Blingerella! Yes, I did say GLASS SLIPPER SWAP. How, you might ask? Well, I guess you'll just have to come into the store to see for yourselves! This is sure to be the most fun we've ever had, and those of us "in the know" are just laughing hysterically thinking of what you all will come up with in answer to what we'll have you doing! Sign up NOW if you want to participate, so we can be sure to have enough sashes and slippers for everybody. We don't want anybody to be left out of all the fun and excitement!

We will also be having the event catered, by none other than Pontchartrain Poboys, right here in Mandeville! (Who'd have guessed, huh? I mean, we're only on a first-name basis with these guys!) Anyway, we will also have people bringing in dishes if they wish. Some of you make some really great stuff, and we're hoping you'll bring it again. It's not a requirement, but it just makes it all the more fun. You can bring cheese, crackers, chips, dip, special drinks (Nina, don't let us down, girl!), stuffed eggs, potato salad, chili, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, WHATEVER you like. If you think they'll eat it, bring it! We will supply the main course and the drinks for the entire day. And of course, THE FUN!!!

DON'T expect to get a lot of scrapbooking done at this event! At least, not in the conventional way... The swap will be truly the first of it's kind, and everybody will go home with Glass Slippers and lots of goodies! We have crazy games planned, and have a couple of make-and-takes ready just to get you thinking outside of the box.

The sashes and slippers will be ready to hand out by this weekend, and further instructions will be given at the time you sign up. CALL NOW to reserve YOUR spot!!!

(I told you we were having a bling sale for a reason!)

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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