Saturday, September 1, 2007

Rick and Sonia

Tonight's crop was a blast! Remember I posted about the webisode coming on September 14th that will have the Creative Imaginations "Rick" Wine Bottle Container and "Sonia" Purse project? Well, we have the kits in already to do them, and I thought it would be a great make-and-take (free!) to reward the very loyal customers we have cropping with us every week. I believe they had great fun--I know I did, and we ended up with very different versions of the same items, each one beautiful and unique. I was truly jealous because I don't think mine came out as well as theirs did! I've posted a couple pics to show you. We will be having a workshop on this ($35), on September 20th. If you wish to participate, please call NOW to reserve your spot!

You know, you can never tell what we have up our sleeves. One night it may be as simple as name buttons, another night crowns and visors, another night a layout... Our crops are always lots of fun, and you just never know what to expect! I like that... keep 'em guessing!

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