Thursday, August 2, 2007

LA State Sales Tax-Free Weekend!!!

Remember that Friday and Saturday are Louisiana State Sales Tax-Free days!!!

We have a gorgeous set of the Making Memories Runway totes in pink, and are expecting more Store and Spins in five new color combinations in late August, which you can pre-order now. We also have the Store and Spin tote that carries the large Store and Spin, and actually, we also can put two small ones in with it. It has pockets on all four sides on the outside, and a comfortable set of strap handles. We have them in Pink and Plum.

Now that the Nail Salon has moved, we have LOTS more parking. Consider this, there were eight (8) employees working there, all of whom parked in the lot, and if there were eight employees, that meant there were eight customers at any given time, not to mention those waiting. So, parking is wonderful now, and we no longer have parking issues. Come check it out.

I'll be putting up new classes on the calendar over the next couple of days, so be on the lookout for new classes. Remember that on August 10th the Timeless Touches items will be featured on We'll be having a class with those later this month. I invite you to watch the webisode to get familiar with them, and then come to the class here to actually do it yourself. I personally find stitching on paper very calming and soothing, probably because I have to concentrate on what I'm doing so I'll put the stitches in the right place, and then I don't have time to think about other things. Like wondering what my dogs are eating in the house today. They actually ate a tower of CDs once. Have you ever seen a dog bite-mark in a CD? It's not pretty. My classical collection, of course. Move over Beethoven.

We now have a lot of CHEERLEADING and GYMNASTICS paper and stickers in, thanks to many requests from a number of moms. We even have paper with the swim lanes in it, for swimming. And of course, lots more new Disney stuff.

Stop by, say hello, and browse for a while. I'm sure you'll find a lot you haven't seen before.

Until next time, happy scrapping!


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