Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scrappersaurus Online Purchasing / Cricut Disney Workshop

Alright, have you registered for Scrap Pink 2009 yet?

It is great to see so many of you have joined the Scrappin' In The Streetcar Meetup Group with me. I will finally be able to just "play" with all of you, instead of being stuck behind the register, longing to have some fun. I've offered to do workshops for the Meetup members, so we'll see how that goes. Plus, I've signed up for their awesome Recipe Swap again. This past one was really great, and we got to see so many different crafting styles and types of recipes. I can't wait to get to work on my next set of recipes!!!

Most of you have already seen the Yahoo! Group post by Felix that our products can now be found on ebay and Amazon. A lot of you have called, texted, and written me asking how to access our products on these two venues. THE PRODUCTS AND PRICES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME--they use the same catalog of items that we have on our webstore, so if you are going to shop our products, just go directly to our website and shop. It will more than likely save you a lot of time by searching for your specific needs through our tabbed sections (plus, it will be less expensive for us!), and you will also get the chance to click over to the Blog and see what's going on, while you're on the website. Remember, you can purchase your products from us by going to the website ( and clicking on the PURCHASE ONLINE button at the top left of the front page.

I've had a request for a Cricut Disney workshop in Metairie. Anyone else interested? If so, please e-mail me, post a comment here, or call me at 504-258-1718 to let me know. Please tell me if you would prefer to come for a daytime or evening class, and which day of the week works best for you. As soon as I get more feedback, I'll schedule it and post the date, time, and place here on my blog.

I'm putting up a new Tip/Technique on the website tonight. Remember to keep checking for new Tips and Techniques, and that you can submit your own Tips and Techniques for me to put on the website.

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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