Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog HIJACK! Marah Johnson Comes to Scrappersaurus

Hello everyone! This is Felix! Shhhh! I just cannot contain myself and this news, so I am hijacking Dee's Blog to spread the word!

Marah Johnson is COMING to town! This is as awesome for scrapbookers as Santa is the rest of us! Not that she is anything like Santa. I mean, for one, she is a girl, she is skinny, and I will just stop there.. haha..

Anyway, she is coming to Scrappersaururs on February 27th to teach TWO of her wonderful projects using two of her wonderful lines! The samples are posted on our website - and they are two of the most adorable mini-books designed and crafted BY Marah herself! She will walk you through her talents and thoughts while you re-create art!

If you are intersted in attending one or both of these workshops,they are just 40.00 each, or two for 75! A bargain, definitely a bargain when you see these books and you get to rub sholders with the likes of Marah! She is a fabulous all around person. Meet a true artist!

See you soon and shhhh Dee don't know I posted this.


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