Friday, November 30, 2007

Why I have a Scrapbook Store

Most people get into business to make money, and I would not be totally honest if I did not include that in my reasons, but my number ONE reason for opening Scrappersaurus was to make a difference.. to be part of and spread the warmness of our human nature.

Two days ago an event took place at the store that re-affirmed my beliefs and warmed my heart. Although it was a tragic event that brought it forth, it filled the store with love, compassion, family, and celebration.

I received a phone call around 10:15am from a very heavily-accented Spanish lady who I will call Mrs S. She was making a memorial collage of her young son who passed away tragically the past weekend. She was quite upset as you can imagine and her thoughts were quite scattered. But, she did know that she wanted to make a large poster board sized collage of her son's pictures from birth through the most recent, to display at the ceremony.

She Googled us and thought that we could help. We were delighted to be able to help her, and she came in about an hour later with some of her family. She, her two sisters, and two gentlemen came in with her. She was toting a large poster board and two boxes of pictures. Their distress was so great, we felt so deeply for this family. She laid her pictures out and her family gathered around our crop tables.

We talked a while, Mrs. S. spoke fluent English, but the rest of her family spoke Spanish with just a few English words. Luckily I understand most Spanish and speak it quite well. The compassion of this family as they poured over all the wonderful snapshots of their beautiful baby boy (he was 24 when he died) was so heavy that you could feel it surrounding you in the store.

I introduced them to the Koyuko, our tool table, and shared some ideas I had to make their collage. They spent most of the day with us. Even Felix got involved with one of the husbands. That was funny watching Felix trying to communicate with the Spanish-speaking man. Felix has enough trouble with English! But they got along quite well. Felix showed him the Epson Scrapbook Central System and the man was in heaven! He scanned some of his favorite pictures, burned them to a CD, and even e-mailed them to family members living in El Salvador. I believe that everyone but Mrs. S and her husband were in from El Salvador for the funeral. They were quite impressed with our country, Felix's wireless internet, and his Crocs! He mentioned that he could not find good Crocs in El Salvador, so Felix gave him the website were we order ours from.

Sharing this family's time, although it was brought on by tragedy, was a most fullfilling day for all of us. They were so appreciative of our help and we so enjoyed working with them. Their collage was magnificent and they left very pleased with their project. And after all the hugs and handshakes goodbye, we had met and made some new friends.

There is light even in tragedy, and sharing that light with other compassionate human beings is why I have a scrapbook store.

Thank you for letting me share in your light,


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  1. Dee,

    I think that is one of the most touching stories I have ever heard. You were very kind to a family with heavy hearts. Your reward will not be seen, but will be kept in their hearts forever.

    God Bless You!