Monday, June 8, 2009

Scrappersaurus Online and New Inventory

Greetings, Scrappersaurus-ers!!!

We have had outstanding feedback from you, letting us know that you will continue to shop with us once we become and online-only store!!! As you can imagine, I'm elated! You know how much I love bringing y'all the latest and greatest, and the more unique products that are really hard to find. It still thrills me when a customer brings in a finished product made with items purchased through US!!! It makes me feel like all the hard (VERY hard!) work we do in researching to find y'all great stuff is really worth the effort. Thank you!

Our last day to have the storefront open will be July 21st. We have to be set up and ready to roll in Natchez for the Scrap-N-on the River event on July 23rd, and we need time to pack and get up there, unpack, set up, and be ready for another outstanding event. After the show, whatever inventory is left will be brought back straight to our mini-store in our house. No, sorry, you won't be able to come and shop in my house, but you can shop what's IN my house, online. Remember, we are a smoke-free home, so you never have to worry about that! I have two rooms set up already, and am doing my best to work on them every day to get them more ready so we won't have much "downtime" between closing the storefront and having the online store with everything online.

We will continue to offer invitation and scrapbook creation services for those who desire it, and I will continue to do one-on-one workshops with people as they request. I will even come to your home or school (or business if you have a nice boss!) and teach a workshop or bring product (or both), as I am able to. Just call or write and let me know what you are wanting. We will continue to have the Layout of the Month workshops--on both the Southshore and Northshore--and I will announce the locations and dates before we close the storefront.

I will have Felix update the website calendar next week. This week his pool team is playing in Regionals, and they're hoping to get to go to Las Vegas in August to play in tournaments there. Keep your fingers crossed, it's a lifelong dream for him!!! He's finally on a team again that is truly serious about playing, and who WANT to win. He was with several members of this team many years ago, and they did go to Las Vegas once. Those of you who shopped with us in the first store, pre-Katrina, may remember the layout he did of it, with the original newspaper article and his picture in it. Unfortunately, Katrina washed it away, and now all he has are memories of that time, but he's hoping to make new memories and get in the paper again, and make another layout! THIS time, it's going to be copied digitally, so if something happens, we'll still have the article!

Did I mention that we have the new-release small masks by Tim Holtz? Or the Tiny Attacher that is like a mini mini-stapler? It's absolutely adorable, and so much neater than those standard size or mini staples. Plus, its handles are more like pliers than a regular stapler is usually shaped. Very comfortable on the hand, and very handy in the crop room!

We also have a re-stock of StazOn re-inkers, Mini Misters, Tim Holtz Fragments and Retractible Knives, and yes, more Stickles!!!

We also have purple, green, and gold sealed-glitter papers that match our Mardi Gras lines. These are wonderful. They don't leave glitter all over your Cricut mat when you cut them, like the Sugar Papers do. They are very bright, and heavy cardstock weight. We LOVE them, and know you will too!

Keeping with the New Orleans theme, we have new crawfish paper in 8.5x11 paper. It is a scene of a man crawfishing, with the crawfish traps. Absolutely precious! And, we also have completely NEW brads, and even a real GOLD fleur de lis brad! It's a different kind of gold than the ones we've had before.

The company that makes the Scor-Pal has come out with a Scor-Bug. It is a retractable rolling wheel that rides in the channels of your Scor-Pal, creating perforations. The designs on vellum made with it are outstanding!!! Come in and check it out for yourself!

The Speakin' Up Voice Recorders are now back in stock (it's hard to keep those in, regardless of how large an order we place). We also have the Ribbon Purses back in stock, too, in several different colors.

And, even more great news: The Kokuyo Tape-N Roller and Dot'N Roller REFILLS are back in stock! Talk about a slow boat from China! LOL! It seemed like it took forever for that boat to dock and for them to clear Customs. But, we have them in, in large quantities, again.

California UnDu is in stock, as well, so if you live in California and have been looking for UnDu, we have the special formulation that we can now ship to you (legally!). Same great product, same acid-free, non-smear, non-run, quick-dry formula--just now created to meet your EPA standards and whatnot.

Whew!!! That's a lot to remember, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch, too. So, come on in, and see, feel, touch what you can while we still have the storefront. Ask for the sale of the day when come, to make sure you get the best prices!

Until next time, happy scrapping and stamping!


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