Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cricut Design Studio

I am SO excited!!! We finally got the Cricut Design Studio registered so now we can fully use the software. I explored it a lot today and tried a bunch of things on it, and it is really AWESOME!!! There is so much you can do with this software that you cannot do with the Cricut itself. Using the software, you can change the size, shape, and orientation of each character or shape individually, and you can mix fonts from different cartridges. You can weld words together where all the alphabets in the word are cut as one piece instead of individually. You can take an image, like a flower, and weld several of them together to form a bouquet. You can save your work as a file so you can go back to it at another time and complete it or recut it. You can even share your compositions with friends once you've saved them to a file. You can flip images over (mirror image) so if you have something facing to the left, you can also cut one flipped over, facing to the right, so you have a pair facing both ways. I personally like to put things on the outsides of my layouts, facing the inside of the layout. This would mean the left layout would have an image facing the right, and on the right layout, an image facing the left. The eye naturally follows the direction an object is facing, so it makes the layout flow smoother. Can I just say one more thing? I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE!!!

I am planning a class on the Cricut for Saturday, March 1st. If you have a Cricut or Cricut Expression and a laptop and the Cricut Design Studio software, you can bring them to the class and work on your own along with me. Otherwise, I will be demonstrating different techniques using the software on our computer. I will also be teaching basic Cricut operation, so if you don't have a laptop but own a Cricut, you can bring your Cricut and learn its operation as I demo ours. If you want to just come and see how it all works before purchasing, that's fine, too. We sell the Cricut, Cricut Expression, and the Design Studio software. Please call now if you plan on attending this class, as attendance will have to be limited.

Many stampers have a favorite stamp they like to use, and find numerous different ways to use that same stamp. One problem, though, is that you run the risk of sending a stamped card using that stamp to the same person more than one time. A good way to avoid doing this is to make two identical cards using the stamp. Send one card to your friend or family member, and then make a mini-layout of the event you are sending the card for, showcasing the card on the layout. Then you not only will know which stamps you used for each person, but you will have a beautiful way to remember the events you used the stamp for, as well as a mini album of all the events that touched you enough to stamp and send a card.

Until next time, happy scrapping!!!


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